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Metal SlugJames explains all you need to know about this absolute beast of a game03/08/2022Arcade, Neo Geo, PS2SNK, Nazca Corporation
The Best Year in Gaming – 1992Next up in our "best gaming year" series is 1992. Adrian gets out the treats27/07/2022AllDebate, Discussion
Sega Powered & WAVE Game Studios – InterviewDean from Sega Powered and Daniel from WAVE talk about the latest issue of Sega Powered which includes a Dreamcast demo disc20/07/2022DreamcastSEGA, Magazines, Interviews, Indie Gaming
Gaming News Roundup June 2022 – Patreon LIVE specialJames chairs our first live Patreon podcast while giving us the latest retro gaming news13/07/2022AllNews, Discussion
Mike Lamb Interview – Ocean Software LegendThe Ocean legend himself kindly gave up an hour if his time to chat to Adrian06/07/2022ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64Ocean, Interviews
The Story of Kapow! – Matt Dawson InterviewMatt from Kapow! chats with Ade and James29/06/2022AllInterviews, Competitions
Video Game Music Covers Vol.1James picks some of his favourite VGM covers for your listening pleasure22/06/2022AllMusic
Tami Borowick (LucasArts/Monkey Island) – InterviewAde caught the LucasArts legend for a very interesting chat15/06/2022Amiga, PCCommodore, LucasArts, SCUMM, Interviews
Rare Dreamcast Games Vol. 2Dyl's finally covered a second batch of "rare" Dreamcast games. It's only taken him two years08/06/2022DreamcastSEGA, Rare Games, Discussion
Martyn Brown (Team17) – InterviewAde chats to the Team17 legend about Worms and the like01/06/2022AllInterviews, Team17
Top 25 PS2 Games!Yup, it's that time again where we get things wrong but with arguably the greatest console of all time25/05/2022PS2Debate, Discussion, Sony, Top 25
Double DragonJames opens up a can of whoop-ass with Billy and Jimmy's first outing18/05/2022AllArcade, Debate, Discussion
Top 20 Easter Eggs in Games!Adrian runs the boys through the top 20 easter eggs found in games. Probably.11/05/2022AllDebate, Discussion, Lists
Sega Mania MagazineThe boys from Sega Mania magazine come to chat with Ade and Dyl04/05/2022Mega Drive, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CDInterviews, Magazines, SEGA
Joe Cain (SEGA/Atari) InterviewThe rise of SEGA and the fall of the Atari Jaguar both discussed with our lovely interviewee27/04/2022Mega Drive, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CDSEGA, Atari
What makes the perfect side-scrolling beat ’em up?We've really no idea but why not join us for the ride!20/04/2022AllDebate, Discussion, Beat 'em ups
Arcade Attack’s Arcade Archive – Vol. 1AAAA is here to stay! The gang pick four arcade titles you have to play13/04/2022ArcadeSEGA, Capcom, Atari
Bringing Back Mortal Kombat Trilogy – Joe TrescaJoe Tresca is a man with a plan! He had this fascinating chat with Adrian06/04/2022AllMortal Kombat, Interviews, Midway, Warner Bros
The Best Year in Gaming – 1998The first in our 'Best Year in Gaming' series focuses on 1998 and you know why!30/03/2022AllBest Year in Gaming, Debate, Discussion, Music, TV, SEGA, Sony, Nintendo
Fable (2004)It was going to be the best RPG of all time! Er, not quite, but we do have lots of nice things to say about it23/03/2022XboxMicrosoft, Lionhead
Brian Colin (Rampage Creator)Adrian spoke to the Rampage creator who's an absolute diamond geezer...16/03/2022ArcadeInterviews, Midway
Gears of War (2006)James really loves Gears of War. Fact.09/03/2022Xbox 360, PCMicrosoft
Top 25 PS1 Games!All the AA crew plied Adrian with their PS1 with their top tens and this list is the result02/03/2022PlayStation, PS1Sony, Capcom, Konami, Top 25s, Discussion, Debate
Making Knockout Kings – Dev ChatErik Wahlberg, Dominique Philippine, Steve Coallier & Dexx Dorris join Adrian23/02/2022PlayStation, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, N64, Game Boy ColorSony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, Electronic Arts, EA Sports
Paul Hellquist (BioShock, SWAT 4, Borderlands) – InterviewBioShock's lead designer joins Adrian for an interesting chat16/02/2022PS3, Xbox 360, PCFPS, Interviews, Ken Levine, Borderlands
John Madden FootballWe pay tribute to 'Coach' and the early EA games which he helped pioneer...09/02/2022Apple, PC, Mega Drive, Genesis, PS4, Xbox OneEA, Electronic Arts, American Football, Discussion, Sport, Madden
Top Loader’s SNES Music TAKEOVER!Our mate Todd kidnapped us just so he could bring you his favourite SNES tracks.02/02/2022SNESMusic, Nintendo
Ed Rotberg (Atari legend)Ed Rotberg is a true Atari legend and created the world's first FPS with his masterpiece Battlezone!26/01/20222600, 7200, ArcadeFPS, Interviews, Atari
Batman Returns and its gamesWe try and figure out whether Batman Returns was actually a good movie while picking out three licensed games you may or may not wish to try...19/01/2022Mega Drive, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CD, Master System, SNESMovies, Films, Discussion, Debate, Batman, SEGA, Nintendo
Ken Levine (BioShock legend)Oh yes, we got him! The BioShock legend himself kindly gave up an hour of his time to chat to Adrian about how the series has affected him personally and what he's up to with Ghost Story Games...12/01/2022Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4BioShock, Interviews, Ghost Story Games
Rob Fulop (Atari)The Atari legend stopped by for a fascinating chat...05/01/2022Atari 2600, Atari 7200, Arcade, Mega Drive, Genesis, Sega CD, Mega CDArcade, SEGA, Controversy, Interviews
The Original XboxYeah we missed its 20th anniversary but here's our short, belated, tribute to the DirectXbox...29/12/2021Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox OneMicrosoft, Discussion, Debate, Ed Fries
Christmas 2021 Extravaganza!We discuss what legacy this chaotic Christmas will leave for future generations, James shares some Xmas tales and Dyl has "gifts" for all...22/12/2021AllChristmas, Stories, Gifts, Secret Santa
Winter 2021 Retro Gaming NewsWe roped James into another news roundup and he didn't disappoint. The return of GamesMaster and a certain crawly friend called Jim take centre stage...15/12/2021AllNews, GamesMaster, Earthworm Jim, Debate, Discussion
Mega ManThe scarily difficult platformer gets a good going over from the AA crew...08/12/2021NESNintendo, Capcom, Platformers
Street Fighter 2This has been a long time coming. To mark our 5th anniversary we talk about the game which really made Arcade Attack happen...01/12/2021Arcade, SNES, Mega Drive, Genesis, A500, A1200Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Fighting games
Ed Annunziata (SEGA legend)The Ecco creator did a rare interview with our Adrian...24/11/2021Mega Drive, Mega CD, Sega CD, Genesis, Master SystemSEGA, Interviews
BioShockKen Levine's mammoth FPS took us to the dreamy underwater town of Rapture. We dive right in...17/11/2021Xbox 360, PC, PS3FPS, Horror, Remasters
Ian Dunlop & Neill Glancy (DMA Design)They brought us Walker and so much more. Adrian chats to two Amiga legends...10/11/2021A500, A1200, A600, A4000Amiga, Interviews
Our favourite Sonic gamesWe missed Sonic's 30th, shame on us! So to make up for it, we've had a chat about our favourite Sonic games...03/11/2021Mega Drive, Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Xbox 360, PS3, DreamcastSEGA, Sonic
Sound Test Vol. 4 – Halloween SpecialKeith's not gonna leave you hangin' this Halloween season. From Splatterhouse 2 to the Silent Hills it's all glorious and chilling...27/10/2021NES, Mega Drive, Genesis, PS2, PS3, Xbox, PCMusic, Sound Test, Nintendo, SEGA, Sony, Microsoft
Mario Gonzalez (Action 52)Action 52 is arguably the worst game/compendium of games of all time. The story of it however, is fascinating. Adrian chatted to its main producer Mario Gonzalez...20/10/2021NESNintendo, Interviews
Dean Mortlock (Sega Power, Saturn Power)Dylan gave Adrian the week off so he could speak to one of the ex-editors of his favourite gaming mag Sega Power. Dean also tells us of his new project Sega Powered...13/10/2021Mega Drive, 32X, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CD, Master SystemSEGA, Interviews, Magazines
Eric Quakenbush – Working at SEGAThe second half of this mammoth interview focuses on Eric's years at SEGA...06/10/2021Mega Drive, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CDSEGA, Interviews
Resident Evil 4 – Capcom‘s finest hour?Well, was it? Keith loves it so much he put together this mammoth tribute and we all heartily (spoiler alert) agreed...29/09/2021Gamecube, PS2, PCCapcom, Resident Evil
Eric Quakenbush – Working at AppleThe SEGA legend himself had a mammoth chat with Adrian. So mammoth in fact that we had to split it. Apple years up first...22/09/2021OSXApple, Interviews
Retro Gaming News – Sept 2021James anchors his first podcast and it seemed apt to send him to the news room...15/09/2021AllNews, Debate
Mike Rouse (Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft & Antstream) – InterviewSony legend Mike Rouse joined Adrian to discuss his stellar career and also his plans for the Antstream gaming platform...08/09/2021PS2, AntstreamSony, Ubisoft, Cloud gaming
Current gen (but not really as none of us can get a PS5) chatLaunching our Patreon campaign has allowed us to branch out a bit. Here we discuss the newer gen stuff we'll release to backers as a bonus...01/09/2021PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4Current gen, newer gen, debate, Patreon
The Infamous SEGA Testing Team in the ’90s!Adrian rounded up some amazing SEGA vets for this fascinating insight to our favourite company...25/08/2021Mega Drive, Mega CD, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear, Master SystemSEGA, Interviews
Sound Test Vol. 3 – Amiga POWERKeith's done it again! And boy we've got some Amiga classic tracks for you on this one...18/08/2021A500, A600, A1200, A4000Commodore, Team17
Howard Scott Warshaw (Atari)We did it! We got him! Adrian talks to the man who "destroyed" the US games market. But did he? Listen to some great tales...11/08/2021Atari 2600Atari, Authors, Interviews
Michael Latham tributeHe was a friend of ours who was also responsible for much of our childhood. Adrian rounded up some of Michael's closest friends and SEGA colleagues for this tribute...04/08/2021Mega Drive, Genesis, Master System, Mega CD, Sega CDTributes, Eternal Champions, Producers
We’re back, baby!Oh you'd better believe it! The boys are back and here's what we've got lined up for you...28/07/2021AllDebate, Hello
The Craziest Consoles Part 1 – Plus a Sad Goodbye, For Now…Adrian runs though the first part of his big list of crazy consoles. We're also taking a big break from podcasting and talk about that a bit...08/02/2021AllDebate, Goodbye
Murder, She Wrote – The Video Game?!Oh there definitely was one! Rob's here to give us the details...01/02/2021PCPoint and click
Erik Wahlberg (SEGA/SegaSoft) – InterviewThe hugely respected SEGA and EA producer worked on titles such as Virtua Fighter, Ristar, Eternal Champions, Knockout Kings. He chats to Adrian about those and everything in between...25/01/2021Mega Drive, Genesis, PlayStationSEGA, Electronic Arts,
Sound Test Vol.2 – My Life in Racing GamesKeith's finally done another sound test! Hooray! This time he takes us through the racing games that he grew up with...18/01/2021AllMusic, SEGA, Nintendo
Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Game Urbanist & Virtual Cities) – InterviewAdrian has a fascinating chat with the legendary 'game urbanist' about the varied lands of all our favourite games...11/01/2021AllInterviews
Our Top 25 Nintendo N64 GamesOh yes, now it's our turn to ruin the N64, ha ha! We'ev played about 30 N64 games between us so this could have gone better...04/01/2021N64Nintendo, Top 25s, Debate
200th Episode – AA’s 2020 QuizWhat better way to celebrate 200 episodes than by making the boys fight to the death to see who'll be AA's 2020 champion...28/12/2020AllQuiz, Debate
SEGA Chat – Feat. Michael LathamWe simply had to have a two-hour long discussion about our favourite ever gaming company. And joined by our bud, Eternal Champions creator Michael Latham...14/12/2020Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Mega Drive, Mega CD, SEGA CDInterviews, SEGA, Al Nilsen, Tom Kalinske, Michael Latham
Weird Gaming Peripherals Vol. 2Adrian comes up with another fine list of weird gaming peripherals to chew the fat over. Odd Wii strap-ons, Donkey Kong's bongos and a chainsaw all feature...07/12/2020AllPeripherals, Debate, Discussion
Mac Senour (SEGA) – InterviewEx-SEGA producer Mac Senour tells us lots of stories from the company's golden era...30/11/2020Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, GenesisInterviews, SEGA
Adrian Wallett (Arcade Attack) – InterviewYep, we've run out of interviewees so we're interviewing ourselves, ha ha! Just kidding! Dyl and Ade get chatting about the journey so far and where we're headed...23/11/2020AllInterviews, Journey, Milestone
Noah Falstein (LucasArts) – InterviewThe LucasArts legend joins our Adrian for a shat about the iconic company, making Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and more...16/11/2020PC, AmigaFilms, Movies, Interviews, Indiana Jones, Spielberg
Weird Gaming Peripherals Vol.1Sound issues on this one as well but the boys have a great time discussing weird gaming peripherals. And don't worry, Adrian's researched enough for a second volume...09/11/2020AllPeripherals
Super Mario Brothers Super Show & The Legend of Zelda (cartoon)Temporary sound issues aside, the boys have a lovely chat about the Mario and Zelda cartoons. Don't like it? Well, excuuuuse me, princess...02/11/2020NES, N64, SNES, Game BoyCartoons, Nintendo, Zelda, Mario
Gaming Myths Vol.3Here it is, our last ever Myths pod!! Noooo!! Excel's dirty little secret and a game with as much more horrifying meaning are just two of the treats in store for you...26/10/2020AllMyths, Debate, Discussion, Microsoft Office, Adult themes
Jon Hare & Gustav Hedenborg – InterviewThe Sensi legend joins us with his Sociable Soccer colleague (and Pro Evo supremo) Gistav Hedenborg for a chat mostly about football/soccer...19/10/2020AllInterviews, Football, Sensible Software, Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer, Sociable Soccer
The console of a thousand names… (PC Engine)Keith's done a LOT of research on the PC Engine and its offspring. He also reviews the lovely mini...12/10/2020PC Engine, Turbografx-16Hudson Soft, Mini Consoles, Discussion
Mortal Kombat 2We'll keep the MK bandwagon rolling!! Rob brings all the trivia, the team brings the shouting, all about Morrrrrtaaalllll Kombaaaaatttttt!!! Two...05/10/2020AllMortal Kombat, Debate, Midway, Probe, Arcade
Alex Hall (Ben Drowned) – InterviewYou know how much we love Ben Drowned. Adrian chatted to its author (and also fellow gaming nut) Alex Hall...28/09/2020N64, SNES, NESNintendo, Creepypasta, Interviews, Hollywood
Evercade review and chat about physical mediaWe finally get round to reviewing the Evercade and couple it with a good long chat about the merits of physical media...21/09/2020EvercadeAtari, Piko, Bitmap Bureau, Debate, Physical Media, Collecting
Our Top 25 SEGA Master System GamesOh crikey. We did such a horrendous job with the Mega Drive top 25 we thought we'd try to make amends with this...14/09/2020Master SystemSEGA, Discussion, Top 25s
Gaming Myths Vol.2Adrian is back with ten more gaming myths to share! Games uninstalling themselves and the Atari ET myth take centre stage...07/09/2020AllMyths, Discussion, Atari, Horror, Adult themes
Australian Takeover!!!...Since Spacies, Segamastertim and The Top Loader join Ade and Dyl for a cultural exchange...31/08/2020AllSEGA, Nintendo, Collecting, Stadia, Debate, Australia, SEGA Hotline, Bubsy
Michael Latham (SEGA) – InterviewThe Eternal Champions crator and SEGA's 'Mr No' spills all the gossip in this marathon of goodness...24/08/202032X, Mega Drive, Master System, Game GearSEGA, Michael Jackson, Eternal Champions, Sonic 2, Interviews
Gaming Myths Vol. 1Adrian brings some lovely gaming myths for him, Rob and Dyl to discuss...17/08/2020AllMyths, Discussion, Debate, Madden, Polybius, Authors
Faran Thomason (Atari/Nintendo/SEGA)Yes, he really worked for all three and is a true gaming legend. Especially a treat for Jag fans...10/08/2020Jaguar, Game Boy, PCAtari, SEGA, Nintendo, Interviews, Bubsy, Testing
Mortal Kombat: The Movie & MK AnnihilationYou ask, we deliver! The first movie resonated with a lot of us. Its sequel did not...03/08/2020AllMovies, Films, Debate
Top 25 SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis GamesHow can one podcast get many, many things wrong? Adrian's "algorithm" and TIM! Just kidding, sort of...27/07/2020Mega Drive, GenesisSEGA, Top 25, Banter, Debate
Comic history, favourite comic-based games and favourite charactersChris has stayed with us for another podcast to chat about comic-related movies, games, heroes and villains...20/07/2020AllComics, Movies, Heroes, Villains
Comic chat w/Chris McAuley (Marvel/Utomik)Our Chris has done some wondrous things so we thought we'd get him along for a rowdy comic-based chat...13/07/2020AllComics, Interviews, IndieDev
Sami Vanhatalo (Max Payne, Alan Wake)The Remedy hotshot gave up an hour of his time to chat all things retro gaming and Sociable Soccer...06/07/2020PC, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3Remedy, Interviews, Max Payne
Double Dragon: The MovieIt's bad (let's get that out of the way) but how bad is it? Rob brings a lot of research...29/06/2020NES, Master System, SNES, Mega DriveMovies, Film
Resident Evil 3Yes we're more than bit late but that's what we do! Keith tackles the PS1 classic and the remake...22/06/2020PS1, PS4, Xbox OneCapcom, Resident Evil, Survival Horror
Streets of Rage 3, 4 & RemakeIn the second of our SOR double bill we tackle 3, 4 and Remake...15/06/2020Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, Mega CD, Sega CD, Genesis, PC, Switch, PS4 Xbox OneSEGA, Dotemu, Lizardcube
Streets of Rage 1 & 2In the first part of our Streets of Rage double bill we tackle the first two games...08/06/2020Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, Mega CD, Sega CD, GenesisSEGA, Beat em ups
Eric ChahiThe Another World creator and cinematic gaming pioneer joined Adrian for a chat...01/06/2020AmigaInterviews, Delphine Software, Cinematic Games
AA’s Top 25 Amiga GamesA few of you may have noticed that our Tim has been releasing vids counting down our favourite Amiga games. Spoiler alert: we chat through the whole list here!25/05/2020AmigaCommodore, Bitmap Brothers, Bullfrog, Tim
Eugene JarvisFrom Defender to Robotron, Stargate to Smash TV, his work continues to entertain us to this very day. The gaming legend chats to our Adrian...18/05/2020ArcadeAtari, Raw Thrills, Pinball
The Nintendo WiiIs the thing even retro? We attempt to answer this question whilst reliving our favourite Wii memoriiiies...11/05/2020Wii, Wii-UNintendo, Grandparents, Family Fun
Weird Retro Gaming MerchandiseEver want to start collecting stamps while your bedrooms slowly fills with zombie smell? The AA boys delve into the seedy world of merch...04/05/2020AllMerchandise, Stamps, Debate
Mike DaillyThe Lemmings and GTA creator finally succumbed to our advances...27/04/2020Amiga, PlayStationDMA Design, Psygnosis, GTA, Interviews
Half-Life 2You know what's coming. Arguably one of the most important FPS games ever gets the AA treatment...20/04/2020PCHalf-Life, Half-Life 3, Marc Laidlaw, Valve
David Doak (Rare)Adrian has a lovely chat with Dr David Doak! David is mostly known for his work with the Rare team that created GoldenEye and Perfect Dark...13/04/2020N64, PS2Nintendo, Rare, Sony, GoldenEye, FPS
The Coviddy BunkerThe boys' first ever remote podcast sees them trapped in the 'Coviddy Bunker' but how will they survive...06/04/2020AllCoronavirus, Satire
Retro Devices and Mega SG ReviewDylan has a good cathart and talks about a bunch of other alternative retro consoles. We also review the Mega SG...30/03/2020Retro Trio, Retron 5, Mega SG, GPD XDAlternate Devices, Emulation, Handhelds, FPGA
Mike Clarke (Psygnosis)A lot of Psygnosis's hit titles like the WipEout and Lemmings games were given the gloss they deserved from this man...23/03/2020Amiga, Mega Drive, SNESLemmings, WipEout, Interviews
IcoWe think Adrian really likes the iconic PS2 puzzle/platformer...16/03/2020PS2Sony
Virtua RacingRob waxes lyrical about SEGA's arcade giant and its console ports...09/03/2020Arcade, Mega Drive, 32XSEGA
Matt PritchardMatt Pritchard was a key cog in the Ensemble machine for the first two Age of Empire games…02/03/2020PCEnsemble, Valve, Half-Life 3, Age of Empires
Sonic MovieHalf review, half spoilers, enjoy our take on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie…24/02/2020Mega Drive, Master System, Saturn, Dreamcast, Game GearSEGA, Sonic, Movies
Bitmap BrothersThe Bitmap Brothers is a dev house that’s well worthy of a tribute...17/02/2020Amiga, Mega Drive, PC, SNES, Master System, Game GearBitmap Brothers, Music
Dylan's Driving MusicDylan’s whacked together his fave retrogaming tunes to drive to…10/02/2020Amiga, SNES, Mega Drive, PlayStation, PS2SEGA, Rare, Gremlin, Music, Electronic Arts
Tim Willitsid Software veteran and Quake/DOOM supremo Tim Willits joins our Adrian for a no holds barred chat...03/02/2020PC, PS4, Xbox Oneid, DOOM
Desert Island DiskettesFriend of the show Andy Endean came up with a lovely idea for us to rip off popular Radio 4 segment Desert Island Discs...27/01/2020PC, Amiga, Mega Drive, SNES, Arcade, Master SystemSEGA, Nintendo, Bitmap Brothers, Bullfrog
WalkerDMA Design’s scrolling shooter Walker is one of Adrian and Dylan’s favourite games so the former decided to tell all about this Amiga classic…20/01/2020AmigaDMA Design, Psygnosis
Alex TrowersThe Bullfrog level designer on awesome games such as: Syndicate; Magic Carpet; Hi-Octane; Populous II and PowerMonger tells all...13/01/2020Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, SNESBullfrog
A decade of retro gamingWe’ve decided to look backwards, at 10 years when retro gaming really staked a claim in the mainstream…06/01/2020Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, PlayStation, SNES, N64, NES, Master System, JaguarAtari, Nintendo, SEGA, Sony, Microsoft, YouTube, Podcasting
Max PayneMax Payne is the outlawed cop hellbent on revenge after the murder of his family...30/12/2019Xbox, PS2, PCRockstar, Remedy, Scott Miller
Christmas 2019It’s Christmas, which means it’s the annual Arcade Attack Secret Santa, and another couple of music quizzes to play along with…23/12/2019Master System, Jaguar, Mega Drive, Mega CDSEGA, Nintendo, Sony, Secret Santa
The Wizard and the Power GloveWe celebrate the 30th birthday of classic gaming movie The Wizard and the legendary Power Glove...16/12/2019NESNintendo, Movies, Peripherals
Rare Dreamcast Games Vol.1What do classic Dreamcast games Giga Wing 2, Project Justice and Cannon Spike have in common? Have a listen to find out...09/12/2019DreamcastSEGA, Capcom
David Craddock - Arcade PerfectDavid Craddock is back at AA! This time to talk about his new book Arcade Perfect...02/12/2019ArcadeSEGA, Nintendo, Capcom, SNK
SEGA's 32XAdrian's acquired a 32X (through somewhat "dodgy" circumstances and he's dying to tell the guys about it...25/11/201932X, Mega DriveSEGA, Electronic Arts, Asda
Ed Fries (Microsoft)The Microsoft legend chats about leading the team that created the first ever iteration of the Xbox and launching supreme titles like Halo…18/11/2019XboxMicrosoft, Bungie, Halo, Word
Dragon's Lair and Space AceRob tells us all about the brilliant/frustrating QTE games…11/11/2019PC, Amiga, Mega CD, Jaguar CD, Jaguar, ArcadeDon Bluth, SEGA, Commodore, Atari, QTE
The Retro Hour PodcastDan & Ravi from The Retro Hour Podcast join our Dyl & Adrian for a chat about their show and gaming loves…04/11/2019Jaguar, Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, SNESAtari, Commodore, Events, SEGA, Nintendo, Garage, Radio
Last ever (probably) Jag CD and Mega CD chatMyst, QTE games and the Make My Video series take centre stage…28/10/2019Jaguar, Mega Drive, Jag CD, Mega CD, SEGA CDSEGA, Atari, Don Bluth, Tom Zito, QTE
Sean CooperThe Syndicate creator and Bullfrog legend talks to our Adrian in this week’s pod…21/10/2019Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, SNESBullfrog, Commodore, SEGA, Nintendo
Tribute to Electronic ArtsIt’s time to pay tribute to the Electronic Arts we fell in love with. Plus an EA game music quiz devised by our Tim…14/10/2019Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, SNES, PlayStation, PS2Sony, Nintendo, SEGA, Electronic Arts, EA, Trip Hawkins, Tim's Quiz
Stephen SextonAdrian chats to the poet and author of If all the World and Love Were Young, poems based around Super Mario World...07/10/2019SNESNintendo, Poetry, Reading
3DOWhen Keith asked us to guess what was in the box we were initially a bit worried…30/09/20193DOElectronic Arts, EA, Trip Hawkins, Capcom, Sanyo, Goldstar
John Tobias (Mortal Kombat)Adrian chats to the MK creator himself...23/09/2019Arcade, Mega Drive, SNES, Amiga, Master System, Game BoyProbe, Midway, Mortal Kombat, Nintendo, SEGA
Mortal KombatMortal Kombat gets the full AA treatment with some more of Rob’s lovely singing…16/09/2019Arcade, Mega Drive, SNES, SaturnNintendo, SEGA, Midway, Probe, Warner Bros
Trip Hawkins (Electronic Arts)The founder of the company spoke to our Adrian about the good ol' days and what he thinks of EA's current corporate strategy...09/09/2019Mega Drive, SNES, 3DO, AmigaElectronic Arts, EA
SyndicateBullfrog’s Syndicate truly put Cyberpunk on the gaming map, but how has it stood the test of time? Our Rob wants to tackle this one…02/09/2019Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, SNES, JaguarElectronic Arts, Bullfrog
Stoo Cambridge (Sensible)Adrian gets to chat with the Sensible Software legend most known for the amazing Cannon Fodder...26/08/2019Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, SNES, JaguarSensible Software
What the hell happened to Electronic Arts?Loot boxes and the lot, it’s time we talked about the EA-lephant in the room…19/08/2019Amiga, SNES, Mega Drive, PlayStationElectronic Arts, Loot Boxes, Current gen gaming
Saturday SupercadeRob tells us the tale of Ruby Spears’ Saturday Supercade, a cartoon show based on your favourite video game characters...12/08/2019NES, 2600Nintendo, Atari
Mark Webley (Bullfrog)Adrian spoke with him about Theme Hospital, the Fable games and what he’s doing with Two Point to list a few…05/08/2019Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, SNESBullfrog, Two Point Hospital, Lionhead Studios, Current gen gaming
Thrill KillIt was pulled from the shelves by EA but why? The second episode of our Lost Games series focuses on the highly controversial 4-player beat em up…29/07/2019PlayStationElectronic Arts, EA, Sony, Paradox, Virgin, Extreme violence
GoldenEyeWe’ve all played it to death but why? Rob tells us why it is so special…22/07/2019N64Rare, Nintendo, James Bond
Console LegaciesWhat kind of legacies do consoles leave and which were the biggest for us? We also discuss which current gen consoles have likely left a mark…15/07/2019AllLegacies, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, SEGA, Atari, Commodore
PS2PS2 – is it the greatest console of all time? It's time to pay homage...08/07/2019PlayStation, PS2Sony, Rockstar
Starr LongOrigin Systems’ Starr Long is widely recognised as one of the most influential figures in the MMO/MMORPG field...01/07/2019PCOrigin Systems
SEGA Master SystemLots of tales and lots of praise for perhaps SEGA’s most underrated machine… 24/06/2019Master SystemSEGA
Game BoyWe finally got together to discuss our favourite Game Boy memories…17/06/2019Game BoyNintendo, Disney
Mega Drive/Genesis MiniThe Mega Drive/Genesis Mini and its three variants have had their full lineups announced! But what do we think? Better have a listen…10/06/2019Mega Drive, GenesisSEGA
Iain LeeIain Lee has entertained us in the UK on TV and radio for years and thankfully he loves retro gaming! It gave us an excuse to track him down for a lovely chat…03/06/2019SNES, PC, Mega DriveNintendo, SEGA
BioForgeBioForge is an often overlooked MS DOS game that utilised 3D techniques that were then used in a rather popular console...27/05/2019PC, PlayStationOrigin Systems
DOOMIs DOOM the greatest FPS ever made? Adrian and Dylan attempt to discover the truth in our most downloaded podcast to date…20/05/2019PCid software
Another WorldChahi’s masterpiece Another World brought cinematic gaming to the fore. We discuss its troubled development as well as its sequel Heart of the Alien…13/05/2019PC, Amiga, Mega Drive, SNESVirgin, Delphine Software
Super Mario Bros. MovieThe Super Mario Bros. Movie certainly divided opinion when it was released 26 years ago. Let us reopen some old wounds in this week’s pod…06/05/2019SNES, NESNintendo, Movies, Film
Remakes & RemastersRemakes & Remasters get a good tongue-bashing in this week’s podcast. REmake 2 leads the way but how many Shadow of the Colossi can we take…29/04/2019PlayStation, PS4, Xbox One, PS2, PCSony, Capcom, Remakes
Top Gun GamesTop Gun games weren’t all bad, were they? Dylan regrets going through most of them in this podcast…22/04/2019NES, PS2, GBA, Game BoySony, Nintendo, Konami, Movies, Film
Tom KalinskeTom Kalinske, the former Sega of America CEO, is a hero of ours and this is the audio from when Dylan spoke to him a few years ago...15/04/2019Master System, Game Gear, Mega CD, Sega CD, GenesisSEGA
Crazy TaxiCrazy Taxi is so damn good!! Rob brings the discussion to the table but we’re all willing participants in this gush-fest…08/04/2019PS2, Dreamcast, ArcadeSEGA, Sony
Knights of the RoundSo underrated it hurts, Knights of the Round was released during a glut of side scrolling beat em ups but Adrian is here to explain why it should be revisited… 01/04/2019Arcade, SNESCapcom, Nintendo
Amiga Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk Vol. 1Beneath a Steel Sky, Universe and DreamWeb are three Amiga classics that Dylan thinks are worth a remake...25/03/2019Amiga, PCCommodore, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi
Barry LeitchTo say Barry Leitch is a retro gaming music god is a bit of an understatement. Adrian managed to catch up with the legend himself…18/03/2019Amiga, Mega Drive, SNES, PCSEGA, Gremlin, Commodore
The Demise of Silent HillSilent Hill has provided us with a lot of memories over the years but it’s seemingly come to an end. We discuss every title and document its demise…11/03/2019PlayStation, Xbox, PS2Konami
Amiga MemoriesLots of memories, facts about the hallowed machines and tips on how to get the best of your ageing Amiga today…04/03/2019AmigaCommodore, LucasArts
Sound Test Vol.1 - Mega Drive Boss MusicKeith shares his favourite Mega Drive/Genesis boss themes and it is a cracker. Some you will have heard, and some you won’t…25/02/2019Mega Drive, GenesisSEGA
Andreas TadicHis expertise brought the Alien Breed games to life, Adrian caught up with Team 17’s Andreas Tadic…18/02/2019AmigaCommodore, Team 17
Rob's Amazing Game IdeasNo less than thirty amazing game ideas in the hour, for your approval (or disapproval)...11/02/2019AllSatire
Black Mirror's BandersnatchWe discuss Stefan’s story with spoilers galore; the inspiration for the episode (Choose Your Own Adventure books); and the importance of being able to choose your own destiny in video games…04/02/2019SpectrumSinclair
Christian EricksonMost of you will know as the enigmatic Lance Boyle of the epic MegaRace games and from the 2007 Hitman movie…28/01/2019PC, Mega Drive, Mega CD, GenesisMovies, Film, FMV games, Shadow Stalkers
Episode 100For podcast 100 we have lots of quizzes to highlight how little we know about ourselves and the nonsense we come out with...21/01/2019AllQuiz, Nonsense, Ideas
Warcraft AdventuresBlizzard’s foray into the adventure genre with Warcraft Adventures didn’t exactly go to plan. The idea, to expand more on the Warcraft universe, was a good one. The game’s formulation was not…14/01/2019PCBlizzard, Warcraft
Waffling TaylorsWe caught up with The Waffling Taylors for a fun chat about Resident Evil and things sort of associated with it in our first ever 6-man podcast…07/01/2019AllResident Evil
Can we be objective about our beloved games?Can we review objectively the first ever games we played growing up, even if they were awful? I think you know the answer, but listen as we tie ourselves in knots…31/12/2018AllChildhood, Memories
Christmas 2018It’s Christmas time hooray!! That means it’s time for our “secret” Santa, where we all buy each other retro gaming goodies. We also have a quick chat about the state of retro gaming this year...24/12/2018AllChristmas, Secret Santa, State of play
Full ThrottleThe point and click adventure Full Throttle took a completely different slant to what went before. Adrian is a big fan and he’s here to tell us all about it…17/12/2018PCLucasArts
Classic Tetris World ChampionshipWe’d never heard of the Classic Tetris World Championship before! Rob’s here to tell us all about it…10/12/2018NES, Game BoyNintendo, Tetris
What is Retro Gaming?On the podcast’s two-year anniversary, Dylan asks the question, “What is Retro Gaming?”, whilst discussing the popularity of our little hobby and is/when is this all going to end… 03/12/2018AllMemories, Future, Retro Gaming
Simon PhippsEnjoy our chat with the Rick Dangerous, Wolfchild and Shadow Man (to name a few) supremo, Simon Phipps…26/11/2018AmigaCommodore
Nathan McCreeCore Design’s Nathan McCree composed the music for the first three Tomb Raider games and he kindly agreed to have a chat with our Adrian about the old days and working with a certain small band called The Spice Girls…19/11/2018PlayStationCore
Street Fighter MovieIt’s about time we had a chat about films based on our favourite video games. So, erm, we’ve chosen to start with Street Fighter (thanks to Rob)…12/11/2018Saturn, PlayStationMovies, Film, Kylie Minogue
Mega/Sega CD and Jag CD ChatDylan and Adrian’s meandering chat about the Atari Jaguar CD and Sega (Mega) CD peripherals they picked up a few months ago went so well they decided to give us an update...05/11/2018Mega Drive, Genesis, Jaguar, Mega CD, Sega CD, Jaguar CDAtari, SEGA
Golden AxeRob opens up a whole can of Golden Axe-related worms...29/10/2018Mega Drive, Arcade, Master System, Game GearSEGA
IK+How does a game contained in only one screen capture the hearts and minds of gamers? Let Adrian tell the tale of IK+...22/10/2018Amiga, PlayStationKarate
What makes the perfect 'platformer'?What makes the perfect platformer? We have no idea! But have a great time pretending to know what we’re talking about…15/10/2018AllPlatformers, Debate
Dave Perry (GamesMaster/Games World)Dave Perry literally commentated our video gaming childhood and he’s kindly stopped by to answer our many, many questions...08/10/2018AllInterviews, TV
Clock TowerClock Tower (PS1) is probably the scariest game you’ve never played. Why? Because it’s damn expensive that’s why...01/10/2018PlayStationHorror
William Anderson (Virgin Games)The chief level designer of some of Virgin Games’ biggest titles in the mid-90s including Cool Spot, Global Gladiators, The Jungle Book and Disney’s Aladdin...24/09/2018Mega Drive, GenesisVirgin Games, Disney, Interviews
Rise of the RobotsWas Rise of the Robots really that bad? Dylan’s having a hard time convincing the guys…17/09/2018Mega Drive, Genesis, PC, AmigaBad Games, Mirage
David Brevik (Blizzard)The Diablo legend joined our Adrian for a chat...10/09/2018PCBlizzard, Diablo, Interviews
Grand Theft AutoIt seems unthinkable that GTA had relatively lukewarm beginnings in its PS1 debut...03/09/2018PlayStationDMA Design, GTA
Bruce Shelley (Railway Tycoon)Adrian chats with the man who created Railway Tycoon and Civilisation (with Sid Meier of course), retro gaming god, Bruce Shelley…27/08/2018PCCivilisation, Microsoft, Interviews
Virtual OnSega’s arcade classic took mech-fighting to the next level and was one of the best arcade conversions to the Saturn…20/08/2018Arcade, SaturnSEGA, Mechs
Mario Kart 64Rob’s had a bee in his bonnet ever since Adrian pooh poohed Mario Kart 64 back in our Diddy Kong Racing pod, so here is his chance to state the case for Mario Kart 64…13/08/2018N64Mario Kart, Racing Games, Debate
WaluigiIs Waluigi one of the greatest most underused characters in all of video gaming, or just the Luigi version of Wario…06/08/2018All NintendoNintendo, Waaaaaaah
Sunset RidersRed Dead Redemption 2 is incoming but why not pick up this instead...30/07/2018Arcade, SNES, Mega Drive, GenesisKonami, SEGA, Nintendo
Chris ShrigleyThe Electronic Arts and Gremlin supremo Chris Shrigley joined us back in 2016 for an email Q&A but we’re pleased to say he’s now agreed to this very podcast...23/07/2018AllGremlin, Electronic Arts
What is Chiptune?Dylan tries to convince Adrian and Rob Chiptune is a great thing whilst downing a few too many tinnies. This also features a review and snippets of 8 Bit Weapon’s new self-titled album…16/07/2018Game Boy, Commodore 64Chiptune, Music, 8 Bit Weapon
David Craddock (author)He's one of our favourite retro gaming authors. We recently did an email Q&A with him about Rocket Jump and he kindly gave us some more of his time09/07/2018PC, ArcadeBooks, Novelist, Interviews
Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)Adrian does his best to sell the SNES classic to Rob and Dylan. Has he done enough? Better listen to find out…02/07/2018SNESNintendo, Link, Zelda, Zorldo
CD PeripheralsAdrian and Dylan have finally shelled out for their most wanted CD peripherals and they’re not happy! Just kidding! Adrian’s picked up the Jag CD, Dylan paid a bit less for his Sega CD…25/06/2018Mega Drive, Genesis, Jaguar, Mega CD, Sega CD, Jaguar CDAtari, SEGA
Bret MogilefskyThe Grim Fandango/LucasArts supremo kindly gave some of his time to drop and have a good chat with our Adrian…18/06/2018PCLucasArts, Interviews
RoboCop vs TerminatorNot just a glorious Genesis/Mega Drive game, we also discuss the comic and the (ugh) SNES version...11/06/2018Mega Drive, SNESSEGA, Nintendo, Movies, Film, Comics
Diddy Kong Racing (N64)Adrian tells us how he had to choose a kart racer for his newly purchased N64 and thankfully went for Diddy Kong over a certain other kart racer which shall not be named…04/06/2018N64Racing Games, Debate, Mario Kart, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong
Tod Frye (Atari)He’s known for his work on the Atari 2600 Pac Man and Swordquest to name but two titles…28/05/20182600, ArcadeAtari, Interviews
McDonald's GamesWe take a look at those creepy and creepily good McDonald’s games in this super-sized special…21/05/2018Mega Drive, SNES, Game BoyFast Food, Licensed Games
Mega Drive Mini HYPEThis week we join the queue of people warbling on about the Mega Drive Mini recently announced. We add in a bit of chat about the PS4 MD Collection forthcoming...14/05/2018Mega Drive, GenesisMini Consoles, Debate
Recent Retro GetsRecent Retro Gets – One member of Arcade Attack has spent quite a lot this month…07/05/2018AllRetro Gets
Bill Rehbock (Atari/Sony)He was responsible for some of the biggest releases on the Atari Jaguar whilst also being the former vice president of Sony’s R&D team...30/04/2018Jaguar, PlayStationAtari, Sony, Interviews
The Sega Saturn - What went wrong?We try to find out…23/04/2018SaturnSEGA, Bernie Stolar
Matthew Costello (author, DOOM 3)Adrian chats with Matthew Costello, the scriptwriter for Trilobyte’s bestselling CD-ROM interactive dramas The 7th Guest, its sequel The 11th Hour and also the amazing Doom 3…16/04/2018PCDOOM, Books, Interviews
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisHal Barwood’s masterpiece gets the full AA treatment…09/04/2018PC, AmigaLucasArts, Movies, Film
Game Movies - What's the point?To mark the release of another naff looking Tomb Raider film, we get talking about what exactly is the point of turning game franchises into movies…02/04/2018AllMovies, Film, Tomb Raider
Chris HuelsbeckHe’s best known for his outstanding work on the Turrican games but you’ll have heard his excellent music scores in many, many other places...26/03/2018Amiga, Mega Drive, SNESTurrican, Musicians, Interviews
SwordquestAdrian talks the AA crew through the often told tale of Swordquest – i.e. Atari’s Adventure meets massive competition ($150,000 in total) in a series that was never finished…19/03/20182600Atari, Tod Frye
James "Purple" HamptonThe LucasArts and Atari supremo joined our Adrian for a lovely chat about the other legends he’s worked with, the Jaguar smash hit Alien Versus Predator and much much more…12/03/2018JaguarAtari, Movies, Film
Wolfenstein 3DA legendary game and a story beautifully told by our Keith…05/03/2018PCApogee, Shareware
Tommy Tallarico (game music god)He’s true gaming royalty and has worked on over 300 video games since the 90s which is quite frankly staggering...26/02/2018AllMusic, Musicians, Interviews
Theme ParkRob tells a tale of a game that gave the player far too much power. Spike the fries, refuse to build any toilets, the choice is yours as you create your own Theme Park…19/02/2018AllEA, Electronic Arts, Bullfrog Productions
Al Nilsen (SEGA)What better way celebrating our 50th podcast than to interview a true retrogaming legend – SEGA marketing supremo Al Nilsen… 12/02/2018Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CDSEGA
Controversial OpinionsDo we hate Mario? Does current gen gaming suck? Is Zool cooler than Sonic? We unleash our controversial opinions in this week’s pod…05/02/2018AllDebate
Rampage vs King of the MonstersThere can be only one winner...29/01/2018Arcade, Neo-Geo, Master SystemSNK, SEGA, Rampart
Weird Dreams (Amiga Classics)Adrian tells us more about this hidden gem that quite frankly we all want to have a go on now…22/01/2018AmigaRainbird Software
David FoxThe LucasArts legend David Fox joined Adrian for our first ever interview podcast…15/01/2018Amiga, PCInterviews, Lucas Arts
Desert StrikeWhy not kill time at work listening to our chat about Desert Strike and its ace sequel Jungle Strike with lots of opinion and trivia thrown in…08/01/2018SNES, Mega Drive, Amiga, Master SystemEA, Electronic Arts, Mike Posehn
Devil May CryNeedless to say, Devil May Cry brought new meaning to the word “cool”. The PS2 games (1-3) feature heavily, along with our thoughts for the future of the franchise…01/01/2018
Christmas 2017Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Regardless of your faith (or lack thereof), come join in our Christmas celebrations…25/12/2017AllSecret Santa, Debate
Daze Before ChristmasAdrian talks about a Christmas-themed hidden gem that if you have it could fetch you more than a pretty penny...18/12/2017
SNES, Mega DriveChristmas Games, Funcom, Sunsoft
Our collecting habitsThe AA crew go through what drives us to spend £££$$$ on games that were released over twenty years ago. There's also a competition...11/12/2017
Out Run vs Power DriftYup, they’re “at each other’s throats” again. Dylan is bringing Out Run, Keith is bringing Power Drift. Hear the history. Hear the facts...04/12/2017
Arcade, Saturn, Mega Drive, Genesis, Master SystemSEGA
The Simpsons Arcade GameKonami's monster gets a mini tribute from the AA clan...27/11/2017
ArcadeKonami, Novotrade, Backbone
NBA Jam vs White Men Can’t JumpNBA Jam is up against the Atari-Jaguar-only White Men Can’t Jump, a game so loosely based on the film it hurts, in this week’s face-off…20/11/2017
Jaguar, Arcade, Mega Drive, GenesisAtari, Acclaim, High Voltage
Movies that should've had video gamesRanging from Commando to The Truman Show, the gang explain how they would have made them into retro games using 90s tech...13/11/2017
AllMovies, Film
Road Rash (series)Has Road Rash redeemed itself? We ask this question & look back at the highs and lows of the franchise...06/11/2017
PlayStation, Mega Drive, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CD, 3DORoad Redemption, EA, Electronic Arts
Ben DrownedBen Drowned helped defined the Creepypasta genre and brought to life by Adrian and the Arcade Attack crew in our first ever “audiobook”…30/10/2017
NoneCreepypasta, Audiobook
Night TrapOctober (4 of 5) 2017
In the first of our Halloween Specials we take a look at the landmark title Night Trap, what surrounded its initial release and what the PS4 version has to offer…
Mega Drive, Genesis, Mega CD, Sega CD, PS4SEGA, Tom Zito, FMV Games, Controversy
Sonic Movie HYPEParamount have announced a Sonic game coming 2019 hooray! We chat through possible storylines and casting…16/10/2017
Mega Drive, Genesis, Master System, Game GearSEGA, Sonic, Movies, Film
Zelda: Ocarina of TimeArguably the greatest Action/Adventure game of all time, Zelda:Ocarina of Time gets the full AA treatment…09/10/2017
Stallone GamesSylvester Stallone ranks No. 2 of all-time action heroes here at AA (sorry Adrian!) so we’ve had a bit of a chat about some of his VG exploits…02/10/2017
AllMovies, Film
Nintendo Mini ConsolesWhat games would you rather have on the Nintendo Minis? Check out our thoughts here…25/09/2017
SNES, NES, N64Mini Consoles, Nintendo
Action 52Action 52 (NES compilation) is a tale worth retelling – so Adrian tells us all…18/09/2017
NESNintendo, Vince Perri
Video Game MusicIt’s about time we talked about retro video game music. Keith kicks us off with his favourite VGM soundtracks and what makes them special for him, finishing with a VGM quiz…11/09/2017
AllMusic, Debate
Obscure SNES Titles Vol.1Obscure SNES Games Pt 1 focuses on the excellent Firemen and Demon’s Crest…04/09/2017
SNESNintendo, Rare Games, Human Entertainment, Capcom
Bubsy - What could possibly go wrong?Bubsy, the world’s favourite anthropomorphic bobcat (?) takes centre stage in this week’s podcast, Bubsy 3D in particular…28/08/2017
SNES, Mega Drive, Genesis, PlayStation, JaguarAccolade, Imagitec
Dino Crisis (series)Could Dino Crisis have been bigger than Resident Evil? Dylan’s probably lost his marbles but hear a lowdown of all of the series’ high and low points…21/08/2017PlayStationCapcom
We Love KatamariWe love Katamari. No seriously, we bloody love this game and pay it the credit it deserves in this podcast…14/08/2017PS2Sony
Resident Evil 2It’s time to pay homage to what we believe is still the best game of the franchise – Resident Evil TWO…07/08/2017PlayStationCapcom, Resident Evil
Retro Gaming BarsBooze, bars, retro gaming? Rob checks out the current fad with unexpected results…31/08/2017AllBars
Half-Life/Counter StrikeIt was about time we did a Half-Life/Counter Strike special episode…24/07/2017PCHalf-Life, Marc Laidlaw
We are Arcade Attack!For our 20th podcast special we thought it apt to tell you all a bit about ourselves and our retro gaming backgrounds…17/07/2017AllHistory, Formation, Collecting
Black Ice/White Noise (Jaguar CD)Adrian tells us all about the ill-fated Atari Jaguar CD and Black Ice/White Noise, a game that could have saved Atari…10/07/2017Jaguar, Jaguar CDLost Games, Atari
Daytona USA vs Sega RallyIt’s time to face-off and pay homage to two landmark racers...03/07/2017Arcade, Saturn, DreamcastSEGA
Star Fox & Dylan CuthbertStar Fox was a SNES sensation. Dylan talks about it and its chief creator, wunderkind (and namesake) Dylan Cuthbert…26/06/2017SNES, Game BoyArgonaut, Nintendo
FIFA vs Sensible SoccerFIFA or Sensi? We had a choice to make when we were kids, did we make the right one…19/06/2017Mega Drive, Genesis, AmigaSEGA, Sensible Software, Jon Hare
It Came From the DesertIt came from the desert… Adrian tells us where’s it’s going and why… 12/06/2017Amiga, PCCinemaware
Street Fight 2 ClonesWe take a look at some of those SF2 “clones” that you may (or may not) have missed…05/06/2017AllFighting Games, Debate
Flashback and Fade to BlackFlashback is a classic but where does its sequel Fade to Black sit with it in history? We try to find out…29/05/2017Amiga, PC, PlayStationDelphine Software
Duke NukemAdrian’s all outta bubble gum. Duke Nukem doesn’t have any either. They both kick ass in this week’s podcast…22/05/2017PC3D Realms, Apogee
Earthworm JimWhat do you get when you cross a spacesuit with a worm? One of the best videogame characters of all-time it seems…15/05/2017Mega Drive, SNESInterplay, Shiny Entertainment
Metal Gear Solid (PS1)Hideo Kojima’s 1998 masterpiece Metal Gear Solid is a personal favourite of both Keith and Dylan, and is definitely worthy of its very own podcast…08/05/2017PlayStationKonami
Day of the Tentacle & SkylineDay of the Tentacle and our Dylan’s very own project Skyline get the AA treatment…17/04/2017PCIndie, LucasArts
Zool, Saturn Gets & GhostbustersZool, Japanese Saturn gets and Ghostbusters on the Master System is your trio of loveliness this fortnight…03/04/2017Amiga, Saturn, Master SystemSEGA, Gremlin
Landstalker, Moonstone & TMNTLandstalker, Medieval Amiga classic Moonstone, and everyone’s favourite half shell heroes – TMNT on the NES, get the AA treatment…20/03/2017Mega Drive, Amiga, NESSEGA, Nintendo, Mindscape
Final Fantasy 7The best game of all time? Possibly… We pay homage to the EPIC Final Fantasy VII…06/03/2017PlayStationSquaresoft, Square Enix
Silent Hill 2 (PS2)Realise your darkest fears and join us in our Silent Hill 2 special…20/02/2017PS2Konami, Horror Games
Dune 2, Road Rash & Home AloneIn this podcast we take a look at Dune 2: The Battle for Arrakis (Cool!), Road Rash 1 and 2 on the Mega Drive (yeah!) and Home Alone...06/02/2017Amiga, PC, Mega Drive, GenesisSEGA, Movies, Film, Westwood Studios
NES Mini, VRcade & Arcade MemoriesThis month we take a look at the Nintendo Classic Mini, ponder one potential future for arcade gaming, and talk about our own arcade memories...01/01/2017NES, ArcadeNintendo, VR, SEGA
Christmas 2016The Secret of Monkey Island games, secret santa and Master of Darkness all feature in our second ever pod...01/12/2016Amiga, PC, Master SystemLucasArts, SEGA, SIMS Co.
Podcast 1This month we review an early SNES beat ’em up and a Mega Drive classic, and look back at the ill-fated Atari Jaguar. Dyl reports back from the EGX Expo in Birmingham, and we look at some tasty retro gets...01/11/2016AllRetro Gets, EGX, Expos, Final Fight