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The Super Nintendo/Super Famicom was Nintendo’s player in the console wars. The 16-bit behemoth racked up sales of 49 million units worldwide.

But, again, hardly anyone at AA had one growing up. What on earth is wrong with us? Time to make amends by tackling its amazing library in the 21st century.

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SNES Top Tens


TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten Rarest SNES GamesNot content with finding the NES’ rarest top ten, Adrian plumbed the depths to dig out a SNES list…15/09/2015


SNES Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Aero the Acro-BatHe’s an acrobatic bat with a whole theme park to save. Er…76%10/04/2017
Alien vs PredatorStick with the coin-op version, PLEASE…31%24/08/2016
Andre Agassi TennisHe should have waited to play it before putting his name on it…49%26/10/2015
Art of FightingThe Neo Geo version can still rest easy…37%16/04/2015
Barkley Shut Up and JamIt’s even got Jam in the title! This was never gonna be NBA…49%19/04/2015
B.O.BAlien robot fun has been done better elsewhere…62%10/02/2017
David Crane’s Amazing TennisThe god of innovation steps forward again, this time on the tennis court…70%22/06/2016
Demolition ManNowhere near as good as the film nor many other platformers as it goes…36%19/04/2015
Final FightMundane coin-op conversion doesn’t even let you play with a buddy…59%19/04/2015
Final Fight 2A solid improvement on its predecessor…72%29/10/2015
F-ZeroLaunch racing title is still as fun today…78%16/06/2015
Judge DreddA game that’s actually better than the film. Probably because the film was so bad…59%21/04/2015
RoboCop vs TerminatorUnfortunately not the Mega Drive version…43%11/06/2015
Star Fox/StarwingSuper FX chip included, this 3D shooter is quite something…94%07/06/2017
Street Fighter 2Capcom’s coin-op monster makes it to the 16-bit and it’s a corker…95%22/04/2015
Super 3D Noah’s ArkJake tells us all about the time that Wolfenstein 3D met religion…55%15/04/2019
Super Back to the Future 2Marty McFly finally gets a decent video game outing…72%06/07/2015
Super Mario WorldSaid by many to be one of the greatest games of all time but we’ve never played it, until now! We send UKNESBoy to check it out...87%08/07/2019
Super PuttyGo out and buy some silly putty as it’s infinitely more enjoyable than this…52%27/04/2015
Super TennisSuperly frustrating tennis more like… 58%05/05/2015
Wolfenstein 3DYes, this did make it to the SNES. And no, it isn’t awful…88%06/05/2015
Zico SoccerExtremely strange Japanese “soccer” game…26%29/04/2015


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