Arcade Attack Podcast – May (4 of 4) 2020 – AA’s Top 25 Amiga Games

A few of you may have noticed that our Tim has been releasing vids counting down our favourite Amiga games. Spoiler alert: they’re all here! We chat to Tim about how this came about, his crazy algorithm times our individual choices, and voila! An AA Top 25! We also get to know a little bit more about the man himself!

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2 thoughts on “Arcade Attack Podcast – May (4 of 4) 2020 – AA’s Top 25 Amiga Games”

  1. Darksun9210

    in no particular order:-
    Lotus2 – legendary 4 player simultaneous serial link
    Speedball2 – Ice Cream!
    Chaos Engine
    Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions – it showed me that my A500 “still got it” when most of my friends had 1200’s
    Zany Golf
    Silkworm/Menace – blew my socks off coming from Vic20/Speccy world.
    Populous 1/2 – another serial link must have
    Stunt Car Racer – serial link classic head2head action as well.
    AlienBreed 3D and AB3D TGK – i remember just staring at a “pool of water”, gazing at the “realtime refraction” on a base 1200 with 4meg fast just utterly blown away by what i was seeing.
    Shadow of the beast series.
    The Settlers. Hours of my life gone… serial link capable, and dual player split screen with two mice on one machine. still can’t do that on a PC.
    Hired Guns. loved the atmosphere, the music, the graphics, and i could just about old enough to grasp the game mechanics at the time.
    Lemmings. another dual player competitive or co-op mode, two mice on one machine, split screen gem if i recall.
    Cannon fodder
    Sensible Soccer
    Scorched Tanks
    also basicly anything by Ocean, Psygnosis, Bitmap Brothers, Team17, and Bullfrog

    Kinda Honourable Mentions:-
    Skidmarks / superskidmarks – i never really got into it, and the track/car disk loading thing/HDinstall, but was lots of fun when it was running at friends houses.
    Jaguar XJ220 *DEMO*. So fast and smooth, sound FX and music. The actual game itself couldn’t have music and sound FX at the same time, and seemed .. more glitchy? slower? more “poppier” background sprites? no idea. whatever “X” factor the demo had, it wasn’t in the game.
    No Second Prize *DEMO*. The demo was so fast and slick and had such an amazing feeling of speed. the actual game however… meh.
    Frontier. i never really got into it even though i know friends who discussed trading strategy etc etc. at school.
    Civilization, as above.
    Battle Chess. i’m still rubbish at chess, but it was good fun
    AlienBreed 2D games. how hard??!?!
    Aaaargh – be your inner dinosaur people-eating monster!
    Barbarian 1/2
    Battlecars – crap graphics, crap sound, but serial link and “just another go” playability!
    Another world – amazing film like graphics and story line. too damn hard.

    Games that were a bit “wth?”
    carrier command
    hard driving

    i’m sure there’s loads i’m missing

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