Arcade Attack Podcast – June (3 of 5) 2020 – Streets of Rage 3, Remake & 4

Warning: This pod contains adult themes, adult language and not our usual lovely selves (mostly our lovely selves).

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Indeed, Rob throws everything he’s got into supporting Streets of Rage 3 much to Dylan’s disgust (he’ll blame it on the beer, we’d probably say Dyl was just being an ass, ha ha!)

The gang turn to Adrian to guide the discussion about Remake, which none of them have played. Adrian’s sound difficulties also provide some much needed comic relief.

And finally we discuss the game we’ve been waiting 24 years for confirmation of. One thing we cannot confirm is that Dyl doesn’t work for Microsoft. You’ll see what we mean…

Streets of Rage 3 (Mega Drive Review) –

Streets of Rage 4 (Indie Review) –

Streets of Rage 4 – Ten years too late? –

Fallen City Brawl –

David Burton (SORemake Interview) –

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