Arcade Attack Podcast – October (2 of 4) 2020 – The console of a thousand names…

Like seriously, wtf?? So it’s not a thousand but it’s about twenty which is as ridiculous as its marketing. The PC Engine (as we’ll call it here in the show notes) is a thing of wonder at Arcade Attack as none of us owned one. Why? We shouted “rise from your gwaaave” at Keith a lot and it worked! He’s here to explain all to coincide with him finally getting ahold of Konami’s mini version of the console.

So let Mr B explain how the NEC/Hudson Soft partnership came about, what made the console so special in Japan and pretty much redundant everywhere else, what the most popular titles on it are, the crazy CD peripherals and what he made of the mini. We also discuss one of the most famous Kanye West myths of all time. Bonk, anyone?

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