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There’s not really much to say about the PS2 that hasn’t been said already. Probably the greatest console ever made, it took everything that was great about the PS1, improved on it, and stuck in a DVD player to boot!

The best selling console of all time, amazingly over 155 million units (of the few variations) sold worldwide, it’s cheap to collect for and still a joy to play on to this day.

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PS2 Top Tens


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PS2 Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Hitman ContractsWe love Hitman, who doesn’t? Contracts is never talked about but its different approach means you must check it out…78%14/08/2019
Shadow of the ColossusDespite the finicky control system this game truly deserves legendary status and here's why…91%25/03/2019
Timesplitters 2This fun FPS had a lot of competition at the time but was the choice for PS2 players. Our Jake explains why…86%20/05/2019
TimeSplitters: Future PerfectCould TS2 be improved on? Jake gets cracking on the sequel and the results may surprise you…89%17/07/2019


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