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The console that changed video gaming as we know it, Sony’s PlayStation broke SEGA and Nintendo’s grip on the market. Imagined initially as a peripheral for the SNES/Super Famicom, a well-documented contract wrangle led to Sony going it alone. And they’ve never looked back.

Released in the winter of 1994, PlayStation sold over a hundred million units worldwide in its original design and the sleeker PS One (released during the PS2 era).

True, a lot of the 3D graphics it pioneered look dated and things like ‘tank controls’ fell by the wayside a long time ago, but one cannot deny the strength of the library, the longevity of the console (it was discontinued in 2006) and the many, many hours it entertained us in our youth.

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PlayStation Top Tens


TitleDescriptionDate Published
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PlayStation Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Medal of HonorNot quite GoldenEye but laid stellar groundwork for future console first person shooters…73%12/06/2019
Twisted Metal: World TourWas the second title in the franchise worth picking up? Jake’s here to tell us all about it…77%03/04/2019


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