Arcade Attack Podcast – May (3 of 4) 2020 – Eugene Jarvis – Interview

Warning: this podcast contains strong language so probably best to listen when the little uns aren’t about.

Yes, THAT Eugene Jarvis. He’s kindly answered an email Q&A before but this time he’s agreed to take on our Adrian in one of our most delightful podcasts to date. From Defender to Robotron, Stargate to Smash TV, his work continues to entertain us to this very day. And his current outfit Raw Thrills goes from strength to strength in the industry that we love the most, everything he touches seemingly turns to gold.

So enjoy the stories, enjoy the banter, and pay tribute to a true gaming legend.

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7 thoughts on “Arcade Attack Podcast – May (3 of 4) 2020 – Eugene Jarvis – Interview”

  1. Utter Legend!! Defender and Robotron are still two of the greatest games of all time!

  2. I listen to this as a Robotron sits in my row of games in my office. My all time favorite. Jarvis is a true legend!

      1. Hey Brien! Of course his first major successes came with Williams and Vid Kidz but we couldn’t resist mentioning Atari cos…we love Atari! And it’s a better keyword than Williams which is like a hundred other things. Shameless SEO! Ha ha! Take care. AA

  3. Michael Welle

    Great interview! I’ve enjoyed so many of Mr. Jarvis’ games over the years. “Blaster” is an underrated gem. I really hope the arcade weathers the post-COVID world and we get more from “Raw Thrills” in years to come. Thanks!

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