Arcade Attack Podcast – August (4 of 5) 2020 – Michael Latham (SEGA) – Interview

Oh we’ve a real treat for you SEGA fans this week! SEGA’s ‘Mr No’ Michael Latham, the Eternal Champions creator had a mammoth chat (over two hours) with our Adrian about everything and anything!

We won’t spoil the surprise too much but our highlights include Michael covering his time working at Activision (Ghostbusters/Power Drift), meeting (and winning over) Michael Jackson, stopping a buggy Sonic 2 flying out to production, working on many 32X games (three of which were unreleased) and the never-ending battle between SEGA of Japan and SEGA of America. There’s even a nice George Lucas story in there!

And here’s the previous written Q&A we did with the legend himself.

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  1. Stewart Craig

    That was a great podcast, really interesting to hear about the origins of Eternal Champions, and the connections it had to Tongue of the Fatman. I didn’t know that Slaughter Sport was a port of that either. Anyways, great interview, thanks for sharing!

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