Arcade Attack Podcast – July (2 of 4) 2020 – Comic book chat with Chris McAuley (Marvel/Utomik)

We thought it’s about time we introduced you to our second-newest member (Retro Faith just pips him as the newest), Chris McAuley!

Chris has done a lot of colouring work for Marvel and some of you may have bumped into him at a comic convention or two. His road to working for them and dev house Utomik is quite something! We’ve dragged him along to chat about his career, comics, games based on comics and how he came into our lives (and boy, does Adrian have a story to tell about that!)

Next week we’ll be discussing the history of comic books and their influence on games. We’re also chatting about our favourite comic-based movies and games so be sure not to miss that one!

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