Arcade Attack Podcast – November (5 of 5) 2020 – Mac Senour (SEGA) – Interview

Mac Senour shares some really eye-opening and unbelievable stories about his time working as a producer for SEGA for Arcade Attack. Mac reflects on the extremely strained relationship between SEGA of America and SEGA of Japan during the early 90’s with some stories you need to hear to believe.

He also discusses his vital role on getting the legendary Gunstar Heroes released – which seemed to be destined for the bin! Mac also talks about his role on the SEGA Menacer gun, working on Taz for the Game Gear, playing golf with Clint Eastwood and getting hit in the stomach by Joe Frazier. Mac also reflects on his time working for Atari and US Gold and his role in helping Lara Croft and Tomb Raider see the light of day. Mac also provided a lovely text interview in the past for Arcade Attack.

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