Arcade Attack Podcast – October (1 of 4) 2020 – Mortal Kombat 2

Do we cover Mortal Kombat too much? Probably. But we love it so we’ll keep on doing it mwahahahahahahahaaaa!

MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT…two was quite the feat on arcade and home ports but how good was/is it? Rob’s bringing the pain yet again as the boys wax lyrical about the game some say is even better than Street Fighter 2! Well, I don’t say it but some do.

Lots of tales of the game’s arcade birth and upgrades, the home ports, some juicy trivia and the team shouting a lot. What more could you ask for?

And for dessert go check out our John Tobias interview, MK1 pod and MK films pod xxx

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