SEGA Saturn


Keith’s favourite console, the often misunderstood SEGA Saturn was released in Japan in 1994. Discontinued in 2000 it sold a respectable 9 million units worldwide.

Obliterated sales-wise by the PlayStation, the Saturn retains a strong fanbase aided by its stellar 2D games that were often overlooked in the west.

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Saturn Top Tens


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Saturn Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Clockwork KnightPeporarchercharo, or something I can pronounce, is here to blow Sonic away! Sort of…80%19/06/2017
Daytona USAThe least American driving sim you’ll ever play. But by eck, is it great…91%30/06/2017
Layer SectionKnown as Galactic Attack in the West, Layer Section brings new meaning to the word “fun”…88%24/04/2018


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