Arcade Attack Podcast – January (4 of 4) 2021 – Erik Wahlberg (SEGA/SegaSoft) – Interview

Erik Wahlberg was a hugely respected producer at SEGA and EA. He worked on so many classic titles such as Virtua Fighter, Ristar, Eternal Champions, Knockout Kings and lots more in-between! He also discusses the fascinating story behind SegaSoft and creating the worlds first online fighting game; Net Fighter!

Please enjoy this bumper 2-hour video interview where Erik reflects on his time working at SEGA and EA. Erik shares some amazing stories such as eating raw meat with Tommy Tallarico and meeting some of the worlds best boxers! Plus, what is this talk of a new Creed / Rocky game?! Oh yes, you better believe it!

His stamp on the video game industry cannot be disputed! You can watch this chat on our YouTube channel.

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