Arcade Attack Podcast – November (2 of 5) 2022 – Video Game Music Covers Vol.2

Join James as he takes another wander through some amazing video game music covers in volume two of this podcast.

He’s got jazz, electro, rock and acapella for your listening pleasure. So sit back, relax and enjoy a selection of classic video game music with a twist!

Sonic the Hedgehog – Chemical Plant Zone by Retro Remix Revue.

SF2 Ken’s Theme – Charlie Parra Del Riego.

Overworld Theme from Super Mario Bros 2 – The 8 Bit Big Band.

Starfox Cornia Theme by PalmMute.

Duck Tales Moon Theme by Smooth McGroove.

DK Island Swing from Donkey Kong Country by GoodKnight Productions.

FFVII Those Who Fight (Battle Theme) by Florian Haack.

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