SEGA Master System


The souped up version of the SEGA Mark III, the SEGA Master System launched in 1986 and sold around 13 million units. This figure doesn’t include recent sales in Brazil where the Tectoy version amazingly continues to be sold.

It’s the first console owned by our editor so you could say Arcade Attack wouldn’t exist without it. You’re welcome.

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SMS Top Tens


TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten – Rarest Master System GamesSome of these games are not great (to say the least), but they are damn rare…25/11/2016
Top Ten – Worst Ever Master System CoversThere are couple of classics here but it’s mostly bad MS games with bad MS cover art. Enjoy…20/04/2015


SMS Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Alien StormAbout as much fun as you can have with garbage cans and aliens on the 8-bit…72%15/04/2015
Altered BeastI wish I could alter this to a different game…27%17/04/2015
Basketball NightmareTrying to get any kind of Basketball-esque action going in this game is a nightmare…20%19/04/2015
Galaxy ForceAce 3D shooting action on the MS??? You’d better believe it…75%27/10/2015
Golden AxeThis hack n slash em up never fulfills its potential…65%19/04/2015
Hang OnYou’ll literally have to hang on in this ridiculously fast motorbike sim…47%21/04/2015
LemmingsGreat puzzle action and a superb effort by Psygnosis/DMA Design…94%22/04/2015
The NinjaStrange snippet of what could have made a great game…38%20/11/2015
Out RunIt’s okay, is probably the best thing we can say about this anticipated arcade conversion…49%23/04/2015
ShinobiThe coin-op makes it to the 8-bit, just…58%10/03/2016
Sonic The HedgehogPlatforming on the MS has never been better…95%19/08/2016
Streets of RageThe scrolling beat em up that the Master System deserves…92%06/05/2015
WimbledonThe best tennis action you’ll find on 8-bit…82%27/03/2017
Winter Olympics '94A great compendium of fun winter games. Tally ho and all that…92%07/05/2015
World Cup Italia 90Just why, why would you do this to yourself…18%29/04/2015
World SoccerMade in 1987, Soccer/Football action on the MS didn’t really get any better…70%23/01/2017


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