Retro Consoles

Find your favourite retro console and see what we’ve done in its honour, more to be added to the list in due course.

ConsoleDescriptionYear releasedBits
Atari JaguarWe couldn't not have a section dedicated to Adrian's favourite console.199364 - but that's debatable
Nintendo Entertainment SystemThe NES established Nintendo as one of the key competitors in the market but missed all of us at AA growing up. Good job we've got UKNESBoy on board to help us out.19838
SEGA DreamcastSEGA's short-lived last console is still loved by many. Definitely ahead of its time, we attempt to pick apart its back catalogue.1998N/A (6th Gen console)
SEGA Master SystemSEGA's 8-bit wonder was overshadowed by the NES in terms of sales but its library is solid and it's the only one on this site still in production.1985 (Mark III)8
SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis)We'll argue to the death this is the greatest console of all time.198816
SEGA SaturnKeith's favourite ever console (probably tied with the MD) takes its place on the list with coin-op conversions and SEGA exclusives aplenty...199432
Sony PlayStationThe game changer (literally) in the console wars199432
Sony PS2Only bettered by the DS and its offshoots in terms of sales - over 150 million units exist worldwide2000N/A (6th Gen console)
Super NintendoWent toe-to-toe with the Mega Drive for many years. So many great games to explore, so little time.199116
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