Retro Consoles


Launched in Japan as the Famicom in 1983, the NES racked up over 60 million unit sales worldwide

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The Master System lived in the shadow of the NES and MD but has still sold 20 million units (and counting...)

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Known also as the Super Famicom, the SNES put Nintendo back in the game. A whopping 50 million units sold worldwide

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Still Sega's best ever console. This 16-bit monster (also known as the Genesis) sold 35 million units worldwide in various formats

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Atari's last ever console sold only 250,000 units and is now experiencing a mini revival via the homebrew scene

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Sega Saturn

Sega's penultimate console sold over 9 million units but (arguably) lived in the shadow of the PlayStation

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Sega's last ever console sold a similar number of units to the Saturn but didn't get the acclaim it deserved thanks in part to the PS2

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Play Station

Sony's monster broke Sega and Nintendo's stranglehold and video gaming hasn't been the same since, selling over 100 million units worldwide

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Sony's second console is widely acknowledged as the greatest selling console of all time with over 155 million units sold worldwide

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