Arcade Attack Podcast – April (4 of 4) 2022 – Joe Cain (SEGA/Atari) Interview

Joe Cain started his career in gaming as a tester at SEGA. He later went to become a key producer at Atari. His stories from working at these two iconic gaming companies need to be heard to be believed. From the fabled MC Hammer Genesis title to early rumblings of the Atari Jaguar 2.

Joe also reflects on the final days of Atari after the sad demise of the Jaguar.

Joe also shares a great story of working on many unpublished Jaguar games, his views on SEGA and Atari today and working with some true gaming legends throughout his 30 year career in gaming.

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Joe also featured on our 90s SEGA testing podcast.

Please note: There is some bad language throughout the interview.

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