Atari Jaguar


It’s one of our favourite consoles and I’m not quite sure why. Released late 1993 it was discontinued in 1996 having sold less than a quarter of a million units worldwide.

It has less than a hundred official releases although the homebrew scene is still going strong. The cartridge-based console also had a CD peripheral adding a further ten games. And Adrian owns all of it. There ya go, that’s why we love it.

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Jaguar Top Tens


TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten – Rarest Atari Jaguar GamesOh we went there! Adrian’s done the research so you can check out how much your Jag collection is really worth…19/08/2019


Jaguar Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Another WorldDelphine’s classic makes it to the 64-bit and needless to say, it is rather good…94% 25/02/2019
Atari KartsA more than adept kart-racer on the Jaguar?? You’d better believe it…89%29/04/2019
Brutal Sports FootballRip your opponent’s head off and throw it in the goal! Much fun to be had here…81%02/03/2018
DOOMSing it with us, “it’s got no music but we don’t care!” Here’s Ade’s lowdown on possibly the best console port of the legendary FPS…90%13/05/2019
Tempest 2000One of the best games ever released on the console. Enough said…93%04/08/2017
Trevor McFurA much panned shoot em up actually has rather a lot of endearing features…71%25/06/2017
White Men Can’t JumpBut they can! Well, sort of, in this awful Basketball sim loosely based on the film…43%12/10/2017
Wolfenstein 3DJake ‘The Voice’ Parr has contributed this lovely guest review for us. The PC classic gets a much needed Jag outing…70%11/02/2019


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