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That’s an absolute bloody lie – this is just another blog site!  But you know what?  We love those retro video games.  And we’ll write about them, talk about them (check out our podcast) and also chat freely about them with any other retro gaming enthusiast.

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The Crew


Dylan – Hobbies: Retro Gaming, Sport, Cooking, Websites, 80s/90s pop music, Goldfish Whispering, Seagull Spotting.

Top 3 Retro Games:  Streets of Rage 2; Flashback; EA Hockey


Bio:  A man for all seasons?  Perhaps, maybe not winter as he doesn’t like wearing big coats. Dylan can often be found sat in front of a computer, lying in bed with a computer on his lap, or standing on a train holding a handheld computer.  He also consumes a fizzy amber-coloured liquid that he now claims allows him to, I quote, “float dead flat on the sea, me.”.  If you see him in the street be sure to add an “o” to the end of his name, your name, and any noun you plan on using, otherwise he simply won’t understand you.


Adrian – Hobbies: Reminiscing about the good ol’ days of gaming, painting abstract art, playing and watching footy and collecting pieces of rock from the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia (I now own two nuggets of Balboa encrusted metamorphic rock).

Top 3 Retro Games:  Sensible Soccer; Monkey Island; Zelda:Ocarina of Time


Bio:  A happy-go-lucky kind of guy who loves nothing more than busting out some old video games with his mates or the missus. He loves working hard and playing hard (whatever that means). He feels Apollo Creed should be made president, albeit a zombie president if we followed on from the events of Rocky IV. He also commends people who add an “o” to the end of his name, as he has huge dreams of being the chubby Brazilian footballer.


Keith – Hobbies: Motorcycles, Liverpool FC, Music (running the full gamut from 80’s pop to extreme death metal), pretending to be a fully functioning member of society….

Top 3 Retro Games:  FIFA International Soccer; Street Fighter 2; Gunstar Heroes


Bio:  Sarf London born and bred and so hopelessly stuck in the 1990’s its untrue.  His favourite footballer is Robbie Fowler and he rides a very red, very loud motorbike.


Rob – Top 3 Retro Games:  Simpsons Arcade game; NBA Jam; Bomberman

Bio:  Rob lives in Melbourne. He writes about boring things for money and less boring things for fun (he’s a man of few words is our Rob – Ed).

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