Arcade Attack Podcast – August (3 of 5) 2020 – Gaming Myths Vol. 1

*Warning – this podcast contains adult themes so the little uns probably shouldn’t be present. Or maybe so, it’s up to you!*

Oh you’d better believe there’s a second volume of this in a few weeks! Adrian has come up with podcast gold to present to you a menagerie of gaming myths (retro and current) to sink your teeth into. Well, for Dyl and Rob to sink their teeth into while pulling funny faces that you can’t see because this is an audio-only podcast.

Sonic 3, Polybius, the Madden curse, Aeris’ death in FF7 and lots lots more!

David Irons – ‘Polybius’ author – Q&A;

Final Fantasy 7 podcast;

GoldenEye podcast;

Dr David Doak podcast;

John Tobias podcast;

Mortal Kombat podcast.


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