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NES Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten NES Black Box GamesUKNESBoy is on board! And to celebrate, he’s come up with his top-ten black box games, the ones that kickstarted this amazing console…01/03/2019
Top Ten – Notoriously Difficult NES GamesWe’ve got Andy/UKNESBoy in full swing now! This week he went through his top ten most “balls hard” NES games and you’ll probably guess what’s No. 1…03/05/2019
Top Ten NES Racing Games!What are the best racing games on the NES? Check out Andy's list and tell us what you think!18/07/2021
Top Ten – Rarest NES GamesWe publish our roundup of the rarest and most valuable games on the NES…19/06/2015
Top Ten NES SequelsOur Andy (UKNESBoy) keeps coming up with the goods for you NES fans! Check out his favourite NES sequels…25/10/2019
Top Ten – Worst NES Covers Of All TimeSome of these games are stone-cold classics but my are their covers bad…12/05/2015


Master System Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten – Rarest Master System GamesSome of these games are not great (to say the least), but they are damn rare…25/11/2016
Top Ten – Worst Ever Master System CoversThere are couple of classics here but it’s mostly bad MS games with bad MS cover art. Enjoy…20/04/2015


SNES Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten Rarest SNES GamesNot content with finding the NES’ rarest top ten, Adrian plumbed the depths to dig out a SNES list…15/09/2015


Mega Drive/Genesis Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Mega Drive Racing Games – Top Ten!Keith picks out some right racing corkers on the 16-bit!04/05/2022
Top Ten Rarest Mega Drive/Genesis GamesThere are some crackers in here but you’ll do well to get them on hard copy non reproduction…02/08/2016


Atari Jaguar Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten – Rarest Atari Jaguar GamesOh we went there! Adrian’s done the research so you can check out how much your Jag collection is really worth…19/08/2019


SEGA Saturn Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published


SEGA Dreamcast Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten Dreamcast RPGsRetro Faith swings by to drop her top ten Dreamcast RPGs - you must check these out...06/12/2019


PlayStation (PS1) Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten PS1 FPS Games!Our FPS expert Jake compiles our top ten PS1 first person shooters05/06/2022


PS2 Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published


Miscellaneous Top Tens

TitleDescriptionDate Published
Top Ten – Best Zelda Games of All Time!Adrian transcribed his popular YouTube Top Ten for your reading pleasure14/06/2022
Top Ten – Spooky Retro Games to Play on Halloween!Our Chris picks out ten games you must try around the 31st of October. Spooky.30/10/2020


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