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Let’s not beat about the bush here, the SEGA Mega Drive (known as Genesis to our American family) is Arcade Attack’s favourite ever console. We all had one and still play it daily (except Rob, probably).

Launched in 1988, it sold over 30 million units worldwide. Boosted by amazing third party support there’s possibly over a thousand games available for it. Can we cover them all? Errr, we’ll give it a shot.

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MD Top Tens


TitleDescriptionDate Published
Mega Drive Racing Games – Top Ten!Keith picks out some right racing corkers on the 16-bit!04/05/2022
Top Ten Rarest Mega Drive/Genesis GamesThere are some crackers in here but you’ll do well to get them on hard copy non reproduction…02/08/2016


MD Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Aero BlastersSide scrolling shoot em up heaven in this much underrated title…85%23/04/2015
After Burner 2This conversion of the popular coin-op crashes and burns…54%27/04/2015
Alien StormThe extra-terrestrial beat em up simply pounds it on the 16-bit…79%05/05/2015
Ballz 3DThis beat em up is a load of ballz…27%29/04/2015
BatmanCaped Crusader action can probably be found better elsewhere…45%04/05/2015
Bonanza BrosRobbing houses isn’t supposed to be this much fun…72%06/05/2015
Decap AttackPlatformers really can be flippin mental. And a lot of fun… 86%26/04/2015
Double DragonBilly and Jimmy should have steered well clear of the Mega Drive…13%01/06/2016
EA HockeyHit the ice and enjoy EA’s slick hockey sim…90%07/05/2015
FIFA International SoccerThe first ever semi-realistic football/soccer game? We shall see…90%14/04/2017
FlashbackThe quest for identity never looked so great…93%11/05/2015
John Madden FootballFor a sport that's so complicated, this game is oh so accessible…80%23/04/2015
Lotus Turbo ChallengeThis fun racer needs more options, stat…65%19/10/2015
Lotus 2 R.E.C.SGive this fun racing sim some R.E.S.P.E.C.T…72%29/07/2016
MoonwalkerThe King of Pop hits the 16-bit and it’s a hoot…72%23/02/2016
NBA JamThe undisputed daddy of basketball games may be lacking on options but that’s all it lacks…87%21/04/2015
Olympic GoldHalf decent Olympic sim that’s a bit rough around the edges… 60%19/04/2015
Revenge of ShinobiThe second of the Shinobi series to grace the home consoles is truly something to behold…90%24/05/2016
RistarAlmost the perfect platformer. Almost…90%24/06/2015
RoboCop vs TerminatorArnie is in trouble because Murphy is comin for him and it’s a blast…91%11/06/2015
Sonic the HedgehogNot just an outstanding platformer but also Sega’s hero…91%22/04/2015
Sonic The Hedgehog 2Sonic’s second outing is even better than the first…94%14/06/2016
Streets of RageLegendary scrolling beat em up that set a new standard on the home consoles…89%19/04/2015
Streets of Rage 2The best 16-bit game ever? It’s gotta be up there…94%28/04/2015
Streets of Rage 3The third instalment of the epic series is a tad disappointing…65%02/08/2015
Sunset RidersOne of the best co-op games on the 16-bit. Shame it’s too short…89%22/09/2016
Super Monaco GPBest 16-bit Formula One game ever? We’ll have to see about that…92%02/03/2017
Super ThunderbladeWe really wanted to like this. Unfortunately we didn’t…44%03/06/2015
Thunder Force 4Cream your pants shooter that deserves anyone’s attention…92%26/10/2015
World Cup Italia 90This barely passes for a video game let alone football/soccer…22%16/04/2015
World of IllusionMickey and Donald “fight” their way out of a tricky predicament in this enjoyable jaunt…93%02/10/2015


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