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Oh Dreamcast, how much I love thee, let me count the ways! I’m relatively new to DC ownership in all honesty. The console was overshadowed by the much more commercially successful PS2 when I was growing up, but retains functionality it can only dream of.

Despite being ahead of its time it sold only 9 million units worldwide. Released initially in Japan in 1998, we didn’t see it on our shores here in Europe until late 1999. The console was discontinued in the Spring of 2001 after Sega decided to focus primarily on software.

As you’d expect, its library isn’t anywhere near the size of Sony’s mega-consoles but my are there lots of gems to trawl through!

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Dreamcast Top Tens


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Dreamcast Reviews


TitleDescriptionRatingReview published
Daytona USA 2001SEGA’s beloved Nascar racer gets a DC update with terrible handling. Not what we hoped for…70%01/10/2017
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SoulcaliburOne of the best console launch titles ever made, we’ve nothing but praise for this outstanding 3D beat em up…97%11/03/2019
Star Wars DemolitionYou’ll want to demolish your copy of the game after playing this shameful cash-in…43%15/09/2017


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