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Rare Sega Saturn Games – Top Ten!

A proper treat for you today, a definitive (sort of) rare Sega Saturn games top ten! Do you own any of these?

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10. Street Fighter Zero 3



Also known as Alpha 3, this Street Fighter title was released across many different platforms in mid-1998. The Saturn version was only released in Japan and after the Dreamcast version had already hit the shelves. The game received good reviews thanks to fluid gameplay and clever combo moves. As many gamers had now moved on to the Dreamcast and PlayStation it didn’t sell particularly well on the Saturn and now commands high prices online.

Chance of finding a new copy: You’ll need all your cunning and guile to find this game.

CD Price: £117 / $150

New/Boxed Price: £188 / $240


9. Saturn Bomberman



Often regarded as the definitive version of the Bomberman titles, this game allows up to 10 players to simultaneously play against each other. Saturn Bomberman was created by Hudson Soft and released in 1996 and 1997. The game won many accolades including “Saturn Game of the Year” and even beating GoldenEye 007 to the “Multiplayer Game of the Year” award. The game’s charm and quality means it is now very sought after by game collectors.

Chance of finding a new copy: Bomberman? More like Nowayman! (Oh Adrian – Ed)

CD Price: £125 / $160

New/Boxed Price: £274 / $349


8. Radiant Silvergun


Rare Sega Saturn Games -Radiant Silvergun


Number eight on this list of rare Sega Saturn games is one often regarded as one of the best side-scrolling shoot-em ups of all time (that’s quite a statement – Ed). Developed by Treasure, Radiant Silvergun was praised for its graphics and original gameplay.

With no power-ups, you must select the right weapon at the right time from the first level to the final boss. This top quality title is now fetching ridiculous money on online auction sites and is high up on any Saturn collector’s wish list. The Saturn version was only released in Japan, also adding to the game’s rarity.

Chance of finding a new copy: You’ll have more chance of striking silver in your back garden than finding this game!

CD Price: £155 / $197

New/Boxed Price: £172 / $219


7. BattleSport



Originally released as a 3DO exclusive in 1996, BattleSport was later ported to the PC, PlayStation and the Saturn. The latter only being released in North America. This futuristic sports game (similar to Speedball) was made by Acclaim Entertainment and received mixed reviews and subsequently passed many gamers by.

Chance of finding a new copy: You’ll have a real battle on your hands to find a copy!

CD Price: £156 / $199

New/Boxed Price: £184 / $235


6. Burning Rangers


Rare Sega Saturn Games - Burning Rangers box


Burning Rangers brings up the first half of our rare Sega Saturn list. Published by Sega in 1998 towards the end of the Saturn’s life, it never stood a chance commercially.

This high-quality third-person shooter has built up a strong reputation and has become a must-have title for any Saturn collector. You control an elite firefighter who must extinguish fires and rescue civilians (like a 3D Firemen? Woohoo! – Ed). The game’s classy graphics and top soundtrack really harnesses the Saturn’s true power. It was among the final five Saturn titles to be released in North America.

Chance of finding a new copy: You may have to extinguish all hope of finding a copy!

CD Price: £157 / $200

New/Boxed Price: £235 / $300


5. Mega Man 8



Mega Man 8 was released on the Sega Saturn in 1997 for both the Japanese and North American regions. Sadly the game was never given a PAL release. Many reviewers feel the title boasts top gameplay but lacks in innovation, especially as this was the first Mega Man game to be released on 32-bit platforms. Hardly the rarest Saturn game on the market, but the brand and quality of the game has made it become a very sought after title.

Chance of finding a new copy: No way man!

CD Price: £204 / $260

New/Boxed Price: £447 / $570


4. Daytona USA Championship NetLink Edition


Daytona USA CCE Net Link Edition - Rare Sega Saturn Games


Officially the rarest Saturn game of all time (but we think otherwise thus is only number 4 in our rare Sega Saturn list – Ed), Daytona USA Championship Net Link Edition could only be purchased via Sega’s online store and has very few differences to the traditional championship edition.

The subtle differences include a NetLink booklet with the standard booklet and a small NetLink logo on the game disc. It is probably worth rummaging through your old Saturn games and seeing if you are sitting on a small fortune!

Chance of finding a new copy: I fear this game has already slipped through your Net!

CD Price: £215 / $275

New/Boxed Price: £785 / $1,000


3. Magic Knight Rayearth



Magic Knight Rayearth is an action heavy RPG developed by Sega. It was released in 1995 in Japan and was based on the anime series of the same name. It holds the honour of being the last ever Saturn game released in North America in 1998. The game has received mixed reviews, but with only 15,000 units ever made it has now become extremely collectable.

Chance of finding a new copy: You will to have your Rayse your game and search the earth!

CD Price: £219 / $290

New/Boxed Price: £573 / $730


2. Panzer Dragoon Saga



Widely regarded as being one of the best RPGs of all time, Panzer Dragoon Saga is only second in our rare Sega Saturn list. This excellent game was released very late in the Saturn’s life span and was therefore missed by many gamers. It is also reported that only 30,000 copies were ever made.

Chance of finding a new copy: Locating this game will prove to be a right saga and will drag-on…! (drag-oon? – Ed)

CD Price: £373 / $475

New/Boxed Price: £761 / $970


1. Psychic Killer Taromaru


Psychic Killer Taromaru - rare Sega Saturn Games


Shinrei Jusatsushi Tarōmaru aka Psychic Killer Taromaru is a high-quality side scrolling action game released in Japan and our number one rare Sega Saturn game!

Only 7,500 copies of this game exist and it is rightfully regarded as any Saturn collector’s jewel in the crown. This sought after title mixes elements of Castlevania, Shinobi and Alisa Dragoon to create an over-the-top but immensely playable action game.

Chance of finding a new copy: You will need psychic powers of the highest order to locate a copy and persuade the owner to part with their treasure!

CD Price: £471 / $600

New/Boxed Price: £785 / $1,000


Other rare and valuable Saturn titles include The House of the Dead, Shining Wisdom, Albert Odyssey, Hyper Duel, Winning Post, Shining Force III and Guardian Heroes (so keep an eye out people! – Ed).


***Aaaand you’re done! To hear what we think of SEGA’s 32-bit behemoth, please check out our Sega Saturn podcast !***




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  1. Alan Campbell

    I’ve just been tidying out my spare room and came across a mint, boxed (but I’m sure it’s been at least played) copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Imagine my surprise after reading your list. Nice one!

  2. Omg alan that happened to me too but i have all these games in mint condition when i cleaned out my bathroom wow so chuffed

  3. I have all of these except for battlesport. My copy of Magic Knight Rayearth has never been opened.

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