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Rare Mega Drive Games/Rare SEGA Genesis Games – Top Ten!

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but Adrian has come up trumps with his top ten rare Mega Drive games/rare SEGA Genesis games!  Please also check out our top ten rare NES games, rare PS2 games and also rarest SNES games… And as you clearly love Mega Drive/Genesis content, check out our top ten Mega Drive racing games!


10. Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel




Kicking off our list of rare Mega Drive games / rare SEGA Genesis games, Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel was a spin-off character form the mediocre Aero the Acro-Bat series. The game was made by Iguana Entertainment and was released in 1994. This well-made platformer was praised for innovative character moves and colourful graphics, however the game was deemed quite difficult to control. The game received little marketing resulting in low sales making the game now very rare and valuable.

Chances of finding a copy: What number is less than zero!?

Cart Price: £60.00 / $88.00  New/Boxed Price: £110.00 / $160.00


9. Pier Solar and the Great Architects




This popular home-brew title began life in 2004 when a small community decided to work together to create a simple RPG. After a few years of stop-start development the game was released in 2010 on SEGA Mega Drive consoles. Here at Arcade Attack we were lucky enough to interview David Burton who helped work on the sound effects and music for Pier Solar. Here is one of the questions we asked David about this particular title:

Pier Solar and the Great Architects was only released in 2010 and only on the Mega Drive (Genesis), why was it not released onto other platforms?

“Recently within the last few months, Pier Solar HD finally had a release on all major platforms. Which I think was great, the Mega Drive is a great console but at least now the game can be enjoyed by a much wider audience.”

Even though the game has now been released on other consoles, this Mega Drive title has become a must have game for true SEGA collectors.

Chances of finding a copy: There’s more chance of seeing a bunch of architects standing on a pier witnessing a solar eclipse.

Cart Price: £64.00 / $94.00  New/Boxed Price: £95.00 / $140.00


8. Legend of Wukong


8-legend-of-wukong - rare sega genesis rare mega drive games


Legend of Wukong is RPG game that was originally released in 1996 to the Chinese market. This respected title was given a new lease of life when an American company called Super Fighter Team translated the game into English and was successfully re-released in 2008. Legend of Wukong (the English version) was one of the last games to ever be made for the SEGA Mega Drive. Only a few were sold to the US and worldwide market and the game now commands a high price on auction sites.

Chances of finding a copy: Here today, Wukong tomorrow.

Cart Price: £68.00 / $100.00  New/Boxed Price: £115.00 / $170.00


Interview with Super Fighter Team who brought both Wukong and Beggar Prince to western audiences!


7. Beggar Prince




Beggar Prince is a highly regarded RPG game made by C&E Inc. and was first released in 1996 in Taiwanese. An English translation of the SEGA Mega Drive version of the game (another game made by Super Fighter Team) was later released in 2006 – making it one of the most widely publicised new games for the SEGA console. Only 1,500 copies of the English version were made making it extremely sought after.

Chances of finding a copy: You better start begging for a copy.

Cart Price: £95.00 / $140.00  New/Boxed Price: £205.00 / $300.00


6. Crusader of Centy




Crusader of Centy is an action role-playing game made by Nextech and released in 1994. The game centres around a 14 year boy called Corona (mmmm, beer!) who must battle monsters to defend the human race. Crusader of Centy has been accused of being a Zelda clone, but lacking the same strength in story-telling and lack of interesting enemies. This rare title is a must have game for RPG fans.

Chances of finding a copy: It would really be the find of the centyry…

Cart Price: £135.00 / $200.00 New/Boxed Price: £280.00 / $420.00


5. The Blockbuster Game Factory


5-GameFactory_MD_Cart - rare sega genesis games


Bringing up the top half of our rare Mega Drive games / rare SEGA Genesis games list is quite the curiosity. Game Factory was a service offered by Blockbuster Video in the US for a very short period in 1994. Customers could rent SEGA Mega Drive games on flash cartridges which could be reused.

This amazing idea (way ahead of its time) would potentially allow stores to simply copy contents of a game onto a game Factory Cartridge and then be recycled for future use. The Blockbuster Game Factory cartridge was only trialed in a few stores and failed to catch on. Gaining one of these rare cartridges nowadays is very exciting as you would never totally be sure what game (if any) would be on the cartridge until it is fired up.

Chances of finding a copy: There is more chance of Blockbuster returning to our high streets and destroying Netflix!

Cart Price: £150.00 / $220.00


4. M.U.S.H.A.




M.U.S.H.A. is a highly regarded 1990 vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up made by Compile. The game shows off amazing graphics, challenging gameplay and a strong soundtrack. It was only released in Japan and the US and has become a must have title for many scrolling shooter fans.

Chances of finding a copy: MUSHA chance about nothing.

Cart Price: £150.00 / $225.00 New/Boxed Price: £275.00 / $400.00


3. Outback Joey




Number three in our rare Mega Drive games / rare SEGA Genesis games list only had 1,000 copies made. It was bundled with the Heartbeat Personal Trainer. This platform title uses your heartbeat to control Joey the kangaroo to help him run and jump. Little is still known about this mysterious game, but one thing is for sure; this game fetches a pretty penny when on auction sites.

Chances of finding a copy: Joey? More like No-ey! (I’ll get my coat…)

New/Boxed Price: £1,320.00 / $1,950.00


2. Blockbuster World Championships II




The Blockbuster World Championships was a gaming tournament held in 1995 through Blockbuster stores in North America. Contestants were split into two age categories; aged 13 and under and those aged 14 or above and would battle it out in their local Blockbuster store to be declared a “store champion”.

Each contestant at Blockbuster had to choose whether to play the specially made cartridge on either the SNES or Mega Drive console. Each store champion would then progress to a further round held in San Francisco. The Mega Drive cartridge was made by Acclaim and contained a slimmed down version of both NBA Jam and the Stallone classic Judge Dredd, whereas the SNES cartridge was made by Rare which featured Donkey Kong Country.

The SNES version of the cartridge could actually be won by contestants and is still quite rare. However, the Mega Drive cartridge is a lot rarer as Acclaim had ordered that these cartridges to be destroyed after the tournament. Luckily a few survived and now command figures over £1,700.00.

Chances of finding a copy: I Dredd your chances!

Cart Price: £1,715.00 / $2,520.00


  1. Tetris


1-tetris-rare sega-genesis-game


The holy grail of SEGA video game collectors is surely trying to bag a copy of Tetris for the Mega Drive. This Japanese-only title should not really be in existence as every copy was ordered to be destroyed after a long legal battle with Nintendo. Tetris is synonymous with Nintendo and they made sure no other console could sell the game.  Luckily for a few collectors a handful (10 are believed to exist) appeared on the market and now command huge figures.

Chances of finding a copy: More chance of a Tetris movie being made, oh, wait a minute…

New/Boxed Price: £6,000.00 / $8,800.00


Other rare and valuable Mega Drive titles also include Ecco The Dolphin Box Set, Phantom 2049 Box Set, Maximum Carnage Box Set, Megaman: The Wily Wars, Nightmare Circus and Daze Before Christmas.




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