Rarest Atari Jaguar Games – Top Ten!

Collecting for the Atari Jaguar is certainly a niche hobby (er, I now have one as well Ade! – Ed). This cult machine is the technological equivalent of Marmite; you either love it or hate it. With only 70-odd games released it certainly isn’t impossible to build a substantial collection – however it is worth noting that more and more titles are regularly being added thanks to the thriving homebrew scene. Below we look at the rarest Atari Jaguar games:


10. Breakout 2000



This mediocre revamped version of the Atari classic is now becoming very collectable amongst Jaguar gamers. Breakout 2000 adds flashy 3D graphics to the original game to create a playable but limited game experience. Atari actually started work on this title, but handed over the remaining development to Telegames to finish the game and release it to the public in 1996.

Chance of finding a new copy: It may be easier to break-out of prison!

Cart-only price: £40

New/Boxed price: £80


9. Zero 5



Zero 5 is a 3D space shooter made by Telegames and released in 1997. This late release was one of the last ever official games to be made for the Jaguar. Zero 5 is often regarded as one of the best and most difficult games for the system. The game is also split into three different playing modes as originally work had begun on three separate titles to be made. The combination of high quality and low copies being made has helped increase the price of Zero 5 over the last few years.

Chance of finding a new copy: Your chances are less than zero…

Cart-only price: £40

New/Boxed price: £100


8. Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer



Towers II was the only RPG released on the Jag and this the sequel to Towers on the Atari Falcon. You play as one of four heroes in the land of Lamini about to embark on a memorable quest in a huge tower. Early work began on a Gameboy Advance version of Tower II, but the game was never completed. The game was again released quite late in the Jaguar’s lifespan and received mainly positive reviews.

Chance of finding a new copy: You will have to climb the tallest towers to find a copy and even then your mission may end in plight!

Cart-only price: £45

New/Boxed price: £115


7. Worms



This Team 17 classic is not a rare game and was one of the best ever selling games on the Amiga! However getting your hands on the Jag conversion will certainly be tricky. Released in 1998 as the last ever Telegames Jag title, it makes sense that this game passed so many people by. Also at the time of release, Worms 2 was already available to other platforms.

Chance of finding a new copy: You’ll need to wiggle your way through many online stores to find a copy.

Cart-only price: £48

New/Boxed price: £120


6. Rayman



Rayman was originally meant to be a Jaguar exclusive. This classy platformer was thankfully released on many more systems in the subsequent years so many more gamers could sample this masterpiece. Controlling the titular character Rayman, you must travel through six worlds of glorious colours and animation. It is easily the best platformer on the system and is rightfully regarded as a must have title for any Jaguar fan. Rayman is certainly not the rarest game on the Jag, but the quality helps push up the price.

Chance of finding a new copy: No Ray Man!

Cart-only price: £50

New/Boxed price: £170


5. Iron Soldier 2 (Cartridge version)



Iron Solider 2 was originally made as a Jaguar CD game, but was later released as a cartridge title. The two versions feature the same high quality gameplay but the CD game includes music and FMV sequences. The game was again made by Atari and published by Telegames and was eventually released in 1997. Both copies are quite rare, however the cart version is becoming more and more collectible.

Chance of finding a new copy: I fear you will have to soldier on without this game.

Cart-only price: £56

New/Boxed price: £180


4. Another World



Another World is quite simply a fantastic game, arguably way ahead of its time with its iconic and eye-catching graphics. The Jaguar version was initially released in 2013, being a great example of the thriving homebrew scene on the platform. Only 400 copies of this game were ever published. Add in the fact it is one of the best versions of this classic game and you can see why the demand has sky-rocketed over the last few years.

Chance of finding a new copy: You are more likely to be teleported to an alien planet after an experiment with a particle accelerator goes hideously wrong!

Cart-only price: £68

New/Boxed price: £200


3. Atari Karts



The kart racing game to rival Mario? Not quite, however this Jaguar exclusive is becoming a very sought after title amongst collectors. The game has a number of nice references and homages to previous Atari characters and games including Bentley Bear, Crystal Castles and Tempest. The game has received mixed reviews, with smooth gameplay being a big plus point but dull tracks and power-ups causing this game to crash back down to earth.

Chance of finding a new copy: More chance of a new Atari console being made (oh wait…)

Cart-only price: £70

New/Boxed price: £220


2. Air Cars



Very few copies of Air Cars were released to the public, making this game very rare and extremely collectable. This action battle game was made by Midnite Entertainment Group and released in 1995. One of the very few Jaguar games that can be played amongst 8 players! However, to make this multiplayer action happen you will need to plug in numerous CatBoxes and many copies of Air Cars. No real box was ever made, with the original cart simply shrink-wrapped with a manual. Even buying the loose manual will set you back over £100! A mediocre game that has now become very valuable simply because of the very limited run of copies.

Chance of finding a new copy: Air on the side of caution…

New/Boxed price: £350


1. BattleSphere



The rarest and most sought-after Jaguar game by far is BattleSphere. This 3D space shooter was made exclusively for the Jaguar by 4Play/ScatoLOGIC Inc and released in the year 2000. Only a few hundred copies were ever made due to the scarcity of sourcing the necessary components to make the cartridges. Three versions of the game have being made and released, each with slightly improved features. The highly praised game was influenced by many science fictions works, most notably Star Raiders. A lot of respect also has to go to 4Play/ScatoLOGIC Inc as all profits for the game went towards diabetes research. It is hard to put an accurate figure on BattleSphere as copies very rarely appear online. However, the first ever copy of BattleSphere was sold for over $1,500.00.

Chance of finding a new copy: Sphere today, gone tomorrow.

Cart-only price: £200

New/Boxed price: £800


Other rare and valuable Jaguar titles include: Iron Soldier 2 (CD), Skyhammer, Hyper Force, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, Power Drive Rally and Alien Versus Predator.


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2 thoughts on “Rarest Atari Jaguar Games – Top Ten!”

  1. Philippeimac

    Many home-brews are in the same situation than Another World: they had only one release in limited quantity and are sold out for years.

    Try to find a cartridge of Xenon II, of Superfly DX, of Sea Battl, of Back Out, of Mad Bodies, of Gorf…

    Sometimes the price reached by some Jaguar in internet auctions are totally disconnected with the real quality of the game itself.

    Does a game worth the price of a computer just because it is a rarity?
    If only there were not so many people ready to pay a lot a bullshit just for their own satisfaction to say I have it on a shelf (sometimes the guys don’t play the game and even don’t open the box oO)

  2. You can get a cart of Xenon 2 from Atari Age. Also I’ve bought at least two of those games, new, in the last year at no where near the boxed price.

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