New lottery launched in the UK

With the advent of better technologies and increased data speeds, online betting platforms are constantly growing in popularity. You can enjoy a multitude of interesting games like Lotto 5 available for you to enjoy.

Also, by opting for online betting over a brick and mortar casino, you get to save traveling and other related costs.

Apart from these, there are tons of reasons for the hiking popularity of betting platforms. 

Due to the massive following of betting platforms, producers strive to come up with excellent betting games every now and then.

Here, in this article, we talk about the newly launched lottery in the United Kingdom, named “Lotto ×5” (Lotto five).

So, read on to know what is Lotto ×5, what are the game rules and why should you be investing your money in the game. Also, we talk about a few tips on how to spot a reliable lottery to play a safe and smart game.

All about Lotto ×5

Lotto ×5 is the newest lottery launched by Lottoland in the UK. It is another amazing betting game that people are getting crazy about, and why shouldn’t they? It gives you not just one, but whopping five chances to try your luck and take home a million!

What’s more? You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to be able to purchase a Lotto ×5 ticket. All you need to bet on Lottoland Lotto ×5 is a £1 bill.

If you’re still not convinced, we can give enough reasons to do so. But before that, we want you to know that Lottoland is one of the most reliable online gambling websites. Read on to know why.

How to spot a reliable lottery?

Finding a good online lottery website can be a tricky task. This is due to the fact that the internet is saturated with thousands of lottery sites, and hence, it can get difficult to distinguish between the genuine and the scam ones.

Some platforms can refuse payouts on the basis of strange criteria.

 Due to reasons like these, it is essential to be careful while choosing your lottery website. Here are some quick tips for identifying a genuine lottery website:

  • Check if your website has been licensed from a relevant authority.
  • If your website has a well-designed interface, it is an indicator of a genuine brand.
  • Check if your lottery offers a good variety of games to play and bet on.
  • Also, ensure that your website offers multiple payment options.

Why should you choose to play Lotto ×5?

So, here we have put six solid reasons for why should you invest your precious time and money in Lottoland’s Lotto ×5:

●      If you like Lotto

If you have played Lotto before, and you have enjoyed betting through it, you are surely going to love Lotto ×5. Why? Because Lotto ×5 is based on the original format of Lotto, and it’s even better.

●      Play for just £1

One of the major reasons for you to choose Lotto ×5 is the fact that the game lets you bet for a million dollars by purchasing a ticket for just £1. Such a crazy deal, right? So, now you don’t need to carry long dollar bills in your pocket to buy a single ticket for your favorite lottery game.

●      Get 5 chances to win

On Lottoland’s Lotto ×5, the website provides you five chances to try your luck by purchasing just one ticket for £1. So, with this ticket, you can choose five different numbers to bet on.

●      Play three times a week

Lotto ×5 on Lottoland’s website goes live three times a week, that is, every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. So, when the website arranges this draw thrice a week, you get 15 chances to bet for your luck for just £3!

●      Simple formatting

The best thing about Lottoland that all of its users enjoy is simple formatting. There are no hidden regulations or conditions. All the rules for the game are clearly mentioned on the website. Also, if you happen to face any discrepancy, the customer care team is just a few clicks away.

●      Subscription bet available

If you have played Lotto ×5 and you love it, the website provides a subscription bet. This way, you don’t have to follow the entire procedure to purchase a new ticket each time you wish to place a bet.

How to play Lotto ×5?

You can play Lotto ×5 on the official website of Lottoland. Follow these quick steps to bet for a grand fortune on this very popular and reliable online gambling website:


  • Visit Lottoland’s official website and register on it for free.
  • Go to the “My Account” section and add funds to your virtual pocket through any of the multiple payment options available.
  • Next, go to the main menu and tap on the link for “Lotto ×5”.
  • Now, you have to fill in your ticket and choose five different numbers to bet on. Once you do that, click on “Submit” and “Confirm.”
  • Finally, you can view the results in the “Results” section on the same page, once they are out.


So, here we come at the end of this article. Hope you enjoyed reading through this and found it knowledge enough to enhance your betting skills. Also, now that we have convinced you to try your luck with this amazing game, don’t forget to visit LottoLand to help yourself with enough chances to win the Lotto ×5 lottery.


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