Arcade Attack Podcast – February (1 of 2) 2017

Podcast 4 – February (1 of 2) 2017

On this week’s podcast we take a look at Dune 2: The Battle for Arrakis (Cool!), Road Rash 1 and 2 on the Mega Drive (Yeah!) and Home Alone (Erm…).

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2 thoughts on “Arcade Attack Podcast – February (1 of 2) 2017”

  1. Michael Latham

    Actually John Hughes approved the design and the final game. I spent an entire day with him mainly nagging him about Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller.

  2. Michael Latham

    BTW it’s a long story but yes the title was rushed after a late licensing issue. Marketing kept me from using Christmas as there was a concern it would be viewed a holiday themed title and only sell then and so on.

    Here’s my two favorite reviews. The one thing I would say is re-look at the Nintendo version in the first review.

    For the best laughs:

    Both echo notes from your review.

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