Luigi vs Tails (Fantasy Face-Off)

Well, it’s been a while. Since proudly proclaiming this would be a regular feature in 2015, almost two years later we have the second installment – hooray! We’ve been pondering the Sega vs Nintendo divide for quite some time so it came as a surprise that Kef from South London asked “who would win in a fight – Luigi or Tails?”. Has anyone ever asked this question before? Does this battle of the sidekicks deserve to go through our face-off “simulator”? By heck, yes!



Is man stronger than a fox? Does this piece already contain too many questions? Yes. Whereas Tails zips along the ground spin attacking all and sundry, it’s fair to say that he’d struggle with pulling up a turnip or two. Whereas our Luigi…

Luigi – 8, Tails – 4




Zips is the word for our Miles Prower. Almost matching Sonic for speed is no mean feat. His name is a speedy pun. Luigi is known for being slower than his more famous brother. You can see where this is going.

Luigi – 6, Tails – 9




Tails’ work is quick but he’s usually done in a couple of minutes or so, with another few minutes to recover before the next stage. Luigi’s worlds are longer, often involving a lot more lava jumping and wall smashing which any labourer will tell you is pretty tiring. Luigi has also appeared in more games (we estimate) with Nintendo even honouring him (most notably in 2013) with many of his own.

Luigi – 10, Tails – 6




To get to those tricky pipes plumbers need to be pretty agile. To keep up with a certain Mr Hedgehog whilst crossing bridges, ravines, collecting rings, falling on spikes, turning into a fireball, turning into an electroball, turning into various other balls, you need to be super agile. Plus the guy can fly.

Luigi – 6, Tails – 10




This is a category in which neither can profess to having a high level of. Both loyal as dogs until the day they die, Luigi and Tails are more told than tell. Have I gone mad? It’s been a while since the last question. Luigi’s cheeky Ice Ball (from Smash Bros) gives him a slight edge here.

Luigi – 6, Tails – 5



OVERALL: Luigi – 36, Tails – 34


Another close call but Luigi Mario (brother of Mario Mario) trumps Mr Prower. The deciding factor? It could well be our comparison of the green-hatted hero to a hard working labourer whereas Tails is probably out the back having a cheeky cigarette. Although we wouldn’t hire either of them to knock down our front garden wall.



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  1. Luigi is actually known to be faster than
    Mario, he’s only slower in Smash bros.

    1. I did question this at the time! Shame this segment is kinda dead, with our added reach think it could have been a real conversation starter!

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