Arcade Attack Podcast – August (1 of 4) 2018

Podcast 75 – August(1 of 4) 2018 – Waluigi – Criminal, or Criminally underused

Firstly, let us apologise for the sound quality for the first 18 mins or so. It seems, as hobbyists, we are often thwarted by loose amp connections, erratic device drivers and the like! Anyway, in this week’s podcast Adrian brings to the AA table a character who divides opinion (to say the least). Is Waluigi one of the greatest most underused characters in all of video gaming, or just the Luigi version of Wario? What Adrian has to say may surprise you…

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  1. I’m actually surprised how many human characters were introduced when Camelot took place developing Mario tennis and Golf, R&D being the first team, and yet many of them disappeared. Waluigi outlived them all, including Mario Party hosts.

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