Rich’s Video Game List Of Shame (Games Freezer Guest Blog)

It’s Guest Blog Time again, hooray! Rich from Games Freezer shares his deepest darkest secrets in:


Rich’s Video Game List Of Shame “WARNING This List Contains A Video Game Beginning With Z”!


The list of shame for me is a list of those games that you almost feel like you should’ve played by now because everyone else loves them or you know you’d love but just never got round to playing them.

Maybe you feel like you’ve played the game because you’ve seen so many videos and pictures but then realise that you never actually played the game and maybe just watched someone else play it?

Here are my 5 video games that sit shamefully on my list of shame:



  1. Legend Of Zelda – NES



“Having recently completed Breath of the Wild on my Nintendo Switch it made me think back to the fact that my NES gaming days were strictly limited to the video games that my mate Briggsy owned as he was the only person I knew with a NES when we were 8 years old. Zelda was a game that became synonymous with the NES and something I missed out on because of my lack of NES. Obviously, Zelda is now legendary and it feels like something that I should properly play before I depart this mortal coil”


  1. Resident Evil 2 – Playstation



“The original Resident Evil was one of my favourite games on my Playstation and I struggled my way through the first instalment and was surprised at how much a video game could scare the living daylights out of you. Resident Evil for me was a revelation. Surely RE 2 would feature heavily on my want list when it came out? The problem was that I discovered Pro Evolution Soccer and my Playstation became a Pro Evo machine. No other disc would have a chance to enter my console unless it was the next iteration of the Pro Evo series! Konami had me by the balls and Capcom’s greatest series totally bypassed me in its second and 3rd instalments! It’s a crying shame but I  had sold my gaming soul to the Konami devil!”


  1. Full Throttle – DOS



“After falling in love with the Monkey Island Series and The Indiana Jones point n click adventure games I’ve been meaning to play Full Throttle forever! It’s a video game that I know I will love and after watching Sons Of Anarchy I’ve been craving a video game that depicts biker gang life in one way or another! I have no excuse for not playing this awesome looking Tim Schafer game and especially now it’s been remastered.”


  1. Mario 64 – N64



“I never owned a Nintendo 64, please don’t judge me. When Mario 64 was out I was knee deep into my PS2 and all the trappings of a Playstation that was conquering the world. Meanwhile, the legendary plumber was flipping the platform game genre on its head with a 3D platformer that meant the genre would never be the same. Should I go back and complete this masterpiece? Of course, I should!”


  1. DOOM – DOS



“I’ve never been a PC gamer and DOOM pretty much went over my head at the time of its release and massive popularity. Despite receiving various console ports I never played the original. Then one day I played the 2016 version on my PS4 and I was hooked. It feels like I need to go back to the original DOOM and play my way through just as I did with Half-Life after I’d  played my way through Half-Life 2 (another PC centric game I missed out on the first time around)”


Those are my 5 Video Games that skulk on my list of shame…..which games would make your list?




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