New Games on Steam with the Right Dose of Retro Feel

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Back in the day, there were no triple-A releases. If you wanted to play a game, you either had to beg your parents to shell out a good amount of money on a console or shower you in quarters to visit the local arcade. 

Metal Slug, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and a range of other games have infused the love of gaming into the hearts of many. And even after all of these years, many of us have an exceptional place for those kinds of games in our hearts. 

To celebrate the world of arcade games, let’s take a look at six fantastic new games you can find on Steam that will bring out your inner child and remind you of how it feels to be a kid again.  


Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection 

Sure, we’ve moved on from pixels to pixel-perfect regarding computer graphics, but what have we done to improve the way the game feels? Since computing power is up, so too is the sophistication of the game, but not necessarily the complexity. 

Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection brings back the challenge that most old games had, and it brings the challenge to a considerable degree. Packed with cool retro graphics and available on consoles and the PC, Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection immerses you in Arthur’s shoes, where you have to fight your way through the demon realm.  


Vampires Dawn 3 – The Crimson Realm 

Platformers and beat-em-ups weren’t the only retro games that dominated the world, as RPGs and JRPGs were all the rage. Games such as Shining Force and Final Fantasy combined RPG elements with a captivating story and fun game mechanics, and that’s precisely what Vampires Dawn 3 – The Crimson Realm brings to the table.  

Vampires Dawn 3 – The Crimson Realm is a top-down RPG that puts you in a world crawling with vampires, ghouls, and all kinds of creatures. You’ll have to follow Asgar Serrans and prevent the world from being destroyed, all while questioning whether the means justify the ends.  



Do you like Contra? Well, if you’ve ever played Contra, chances are you at least appreciate it for its complexity. HUNTDOWN is a lot like Contra when it comes to the gameplay, but since it’s made for modern PCs, it’s far more sophisticated. 

Games in the past were complicated for the sake of being complicated; HUNTDOWN is a side-platformer shooter combo that brings the fun as much as it brings the funk. So, jump into the streets of tomorrow and give the criminal underworld running this dystopia something to remember you by.  

Unique, gorgeous aesthetics, fantastic gameplay mechanics, and insanely tricky gameplay are all common traits to be found in HUNTDOWN. What makes the game better is that you can play it virtually anywhere on anything, as it’s available for PC, consoles, and your smartphone.  


Two Strikes 

Two Strikes is a game that’s reminiscent of the old 2D beat-em-up fighters such as Tekken and Mortal Kombat. While it does feature the trademark retro aesthetic that these games are known for – the modern engine it’s built on really allows for much more than simple sprite animations.  

Everything in this game is hand-drawn, which adds a unique level of polish to Japan, where the game is set. You’re a warrior in something known as the Bloody Period, so you can probably guess that you won’t be drinking some tea or talking with your enemies anytime soon. 


Noir Punk 

Do you like mafia movies, platformers, and the B&W filter on your favorite photo editor app? Well, if you like just one of these things, we’re sure that you’ll love Noir Punk. Noir Punk is a side-scrolling platformer adventure game where you step into the polished shoes of Nick, a detective trying to solve a murder.  

You’ll find many-a people trying to stop you from doing your job, and even more challenges such as puzzles, angry mobsters, and the murderer trying to wash his hands from the dirty deed.  



Games with a retro feel do not need to be simple, straightforward, or primitive; such is the case with Ultreïa. Ultreïa is a planet somewhere in the distant universe populated by robots on the surface and something else in its caves.  

You play as a little robot, a humble pilgrim making his way around Ultreïa, but your innocence will slowly dissipate as you have to fight your way through the many creepy crawlies that are trying to stop your journey.  


In Conclusion 

Retro games are fun, but modern games that feature a retro feel can be that much better. Combining the methodology that brought us old games and the philosophy that made games fun and demanding with the marvel of modern technology, we can truly get the best of both worlds.  

You can find most of these titles on Steam or other online game distribution stores. If the price seems to be too steep, you can always turn to a VPN for gamers. It is the tool that will allow you to manipulate your IP address (and, in turn, your location). Since many stores might adjust their prices according to your location, it is one of the convenient ways for finding better prices.  


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