Fanhome release Street Fighter collectable figurine and magazine series

The Fanhome brand from popular publishers De Agostini has released a Street Fighter series and it’s glorious! They were kind enough to send me the first two figurine and magazine bundles for review and I was more than pleasantly surprised. To date, six of our favourite SF characters (Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Chun Li, M. Bison and Vega) have been chosen with another four on the way. 

The subscription model means you receive multiple figurines at a time. The first will include Ryu and Ken (which I’ll evaluate today), the second includes the other four and so on. 



How good is it?   

Considering how much retro gaming collectibles sell for nowadays this is very good value for money. The figurines are well designed and sturdy. I’m a big fan of Ryu’s hadoken pose in particular, complete with flaming blue fireball. Ryu’s set costs 99p while Ken’s, Blanka’s and Chun Li’s price has been slashed to £6 each (standard price £11.99). As with any subscription service like this, the full set will set you back a lot of money but if you can cancel at any time if you’re happy with just a few figurines. 

The accompanying magazines are very well written and include a lot of Street Fighter lore. Being a Capcom licensed product imagery from all the Street Fighter games is present. You’ll learn (or be reminded of) the characters’ back stories, special moves, alternate costumes – it’s a smorgasbord of Street Fighter delights. The series also comments on Capcom’s rise to fame, their first steps into the arcade arena to where they are now. Lots to read for the retro gaming aficionado and it looks beautiful. 

Characters from later Street Fighter games will be introduced, so you’ll be able to learn more about the likes of El Fuerte and Seth from Street Fighter IV as well as Rashid and Laura from the fifth Street Fighter game. This one is going to run and run and run, you’ll need a new cabinet! 


How do I get it? 

Use the below link and promo code to access the reduced prices and early bird gifts:

Street Fighter Offer 

Promo code: PROMOSTREET. Use this promo code and get exclusive figures: Ryu, Cammy, Ken, Chun-Li which aren’t included in the collection! 




I’ve been signing up to De Agostini series for years and I’m glad to say this one lives up to their usual high standard. The figurines are nice to own and supplement my vast Street Fighter collection well. I’m not sure if a binder for the magazines will be made available but they deserve more than being discarded on my coffee table. 

We’ll see how the series evolves but for now I’m as happy as a Sagat in tiger uppercuts. 



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