F-Zero (SNES Review)

  Let’s have a driving launch game for the SNES!  Wait a second.  Let’s have a FUTURISTIC driving launch game for the SNES!  Hurrah!  That’s what I imagine the meeting at Nintendo went like when launching the new hardware to programmers.  And you know what, it’s as sturdy a launch title as you’re likely to … Read more

Wolfenstein 3D (SNES Review)

  It would be unfair to compare this to the PC version (a groundbreaking title) so we’ll just enjoy the fact it’s even on 16-bit and take it from there…  If you haven’t heard about Wolfenstein 3D then you’ve probably been living down a hole somewhere, without a computer or any games consoles.  You are … Read more

Super Tennis (SNES Review)

Super Tennis SNES box art

The NES was short on tennis sims, that’s an understatement. Super Tennis was an obvious launch title for the SNES, although there’s not much super about it. The presentation looks pretty good and the development team clearly want you to know they’ve been perfecting the panoramic zoom in, zoom out technique. It’s colourful and Nintendo … Read more