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Laura Janczewski (Toonstruck supremo) – Q&A

Toonstruck is the wonderous point & click game from Virgin Interactive starring (quite literally) Christopher Lloyd as the main protagonist Drew Blanc. Adrian is a big fan so he tracked down the game’s lead animator and retro gaming legend, Laura Janczewski for this quick Q&A to find out what really happened throughout the game’s troubled […]

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Leonard Tramiel (Atari/Commodore) – Interview

Featured image from “8 Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars (2016)“   Commodore and Atari legend Leonard Tramiel kindly gave up some of his free time to answer some questions from our Adrian. He discusses his time working at both companies, developing the Jaguar and Jaguar CD as well as the ST and the canned Panther.

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Olly Johnson & Iain Smith (Codemasters/Guys on Film)

Two for the price of one this week folks! Adrian got chatting to Olly Johnson and Iain Smith who’ve been working on killer Codemasters and Rockstar titles since the early 2000s (Iain now works for Natural Motion). They also host a rather splendid podcast called Guys on Film which I strongly suggest you check out

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