Another World – Jaguar (By RGC) – Interview

We love a good homebrew here at AA. Our Adrian is quite the Atari Jaguar aficionado and he’s managed to catch for a chat Morgan of RGC Association – the guys responsible for the excellent Jaguar homebrew of Another World – endorsed by Eric Chahi himself! We resisted the urge to lock them in a … Read more

Super Fighter Team – Interview

We love retro reboots and one company that’s eclipsed them all is the awesome Super Fighter Team! Not satisfied with just the game of the same name, they’ve also brought Beggar Prince and Nightmare Busters, to name but two more, to western audiences. Adrian managed to catch up with SFT founder and supremo Brandon Cobb … Read more

Graeme Boxall (Renegade) – Interview

Everyone knows of the love we have for The Bitmap Brothers but we’ve hardly mentioned the Renegade software label that they created in order to release some of their classic titles. I’m pleased to say that our Adrian caught up with one of Renegade’s leading lights, the legend and also fellow south Londoner Graeme Boxall! … Read more

David Crane (Atari) – Interview

I’ve been thinking for around twenty minutes as to how to introduce the newest addition to our interview tomb but have decided that there are no words that would do it justice.  Not just the creator of the legendary Pitfall! but also the creator of an entire genre (the entire genre that got all of … Read more