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World of Illusion (Mega Drive Review)

Mega Drive owners were spoiled for choice when it came to Disney games, and World of Illusion is one of the best.

Mickey and Donald’s second outing on Sega’s 16-bit workhorse (following on from Castle of Illusion and Quackshot respectively) sees everybody’s favourite short tempered duck team up with the eternally cheerful Mickey for a magic show, before being accidentally transported to a fantastical world ruled by the Magic Master.


We've really got to get a new scuba guy...
We’ve really got to get a new scuba guy…


Size isn’t everything

The game feels like a cartoon and that’s not just due to the zany levels. Everything is so detailed and beautifully animated you can’t help but stare in awe. From mystical forests, to being miniaturised and sent into to a bookcase (where you bounce off staplers no less), it all looks amazing. Some Disney titles have fallen into the trap of all style and no substance, I’m pleased to say that World of Illusion does not.


Next, this lovely blue blanket, hardly used, 10p to start
Next, this lovely blue blanket, hardly used, 10p to start


In order to escape this world, they must journey through several stages, learning new magic spells along the way in order to help them on their quest. A fun (albeit short) single player romp, it was the co-op mode that elevated it above similar platformers of the time. Both players must work together to progress through the levels, whether that be by standing on one another’s shoulders, using see-saws, lowering ropes, or by Mickey pulling Donald through gaps he would not be able to squeeze his ample feathered backside through alone.



world of illusion christmas tree
Last year’s tree was too small, this year’s is too big – there’s just no winning with you…


Play World of Illusion, now

This is a great game for kids as it’s easy to play and almost entirely devoid of any real violence.  Rather than attacking their foes, Mickey and Donald instead use their magicians capes to turn enemies into flowers, birds and other harmless objects.

Designed from the ground up with 2 player co-op in mind, this is a beautifully animated game full of charm and character, and its overall quality is certainly no illusion.




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  1. My wife and I picked this game recently from Plantation Games. £10 well spent. We have since completed the game and found the game really fun, especially with the two player co-op element. Not the hardest game I have played, but still a lot of fun. Great review of a Disney classic.

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