Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Evil Dead: The Game’


The Game Awards 2020 live stream brought horror fans some interesting news this year. They announced that the multiplayer video game Evil Dead: The Game would be released in 2021.

Evil Dead: The Game is an interesting new video game that was created for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One with inspiration from the Evil Dead Franchise. Saber Interactive developed it and Boss Team Games published it. The new video game has player vs. player combat along with co-operative gameplay. Here are a few interesting things you didn’t know about it.


Details of the Story


Evil Dead: The Game happens at the same log cabin shown in the original films. The open portal in the woods lets in monsters and demons from another world. Therefore, players need to work together to explore the woods and gather artifacts with the aim of closing the rift. They have control of four characters from the TV series and films. They include Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness, the Evil Dead character Scott, Mr. Boomstick, and Maxwell from Ash vs. Evil Dead. You can also play as the Kandarian Demon who hunts down other characters within the game.


The Gameplay Features Dead By Daylight Vibes


Evil Dead: The Game’s operation is a lot like what you would find in similar survival horror hits. Like in those games, players need to collect resources scattered all over the map to escape or stay away from danger. Meanwhile, one of them can control the Demon and the environment. According to the team at Gramno, the main difference is that with this game, players need to defend themselves. Even though most similar games including Dead by Daylight let players fight back a little, they are essentially powerless in comparison to the monster they are facing. 

Evil Dead: The Game is packed with action. Players get a choice of 25 weapons to defend themselves. Players will be facing various monsters rather than just one force. Characters also have unique skill trees to make them stronger.


Evil Dead: The Game Has Practical Effects

The Evil Dead is known to use practical effects including real ammunition. Because of their limited budget, the Evil Dead could not use any fancy equipment. According to Bruce Campbell, there were lots of instances where the crew and cast got into difficult situations. For example, they dived into cold swamps and a bull chased Raimi. The crew used real ammunition and shot at a real cabin. In the background, there were howling dogs and hunters. Evil Dead: The Game has similarly realistic effects that keep it interesting from the beginning to the end.

This multi–player-focused video game has a lot to offer. Seeing Ash Williams on his own big game release after so many years is a pleasant surprise for most players. Ash has been featured as a character for a long time, but he received lots of criticism from his last major release, Evil Dead: Regeneration in 2005. It would be a shame to end the series on such a low note.


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