The best app-games in true Retro spirit

Every day, App Store and Google Play adds about a thousand new titles to their libraries dedicated to apps. With that said, there must be something new every day for lovers of retro games like us, right? To be honest with you – the assortment is not as big as we had hoped. But there are a couple of apps in true retro spirit for those who seek.

Sometimes you just crave something familiar. Something that does not adhere to every other trend you encounter. The lovers of arcade games know what we are talking about. Games that allow you to be entertained without having to be connected to everyone and everything.

So, if you, like us, crave arcade-style games from the comfort of your own living room, we recommend you continue reading. Below we have compiled a list of the best games in true retro spirit that are compatible with your smartphone and/or tablet, so that you can enjoy the hands-down best arcade-style games without having to compromise with quality. Apps that are just as necessary to have installed on your device as social media platforms, award winning brokers apps and Google Maps (duh!)


Pac Man

If you are a true arcade lover, you know everything about Pac Man. You have probably been playing Pac Man obsessively since you were a kid and have waited excitedly for it to drop on Google Play or App Store. Luckily; there is already a Pac Man app ready for download and hours of fun play! The world-famous, addictive arcade videogame is available for free – and it looks, sounds and feels just like you remember! Be ready to be taken back in the day with this old-school arcade game.


Galactic Nemesis

Calling all nostalgic, science-fiction fans – the classical arcade game Galactic Nemesis is available for smartphones and tablets! In this simplistic, nostalgic yet modern take on the old-school arcade space shooter game you can enjoy hours of first-person shooter gaming from your iOS or Android device wherever you are situated. Instead of game controllers you use your fingers to drag-and-shoot and reveal upgrades from your screen.



What list of retro games would this be if Tetris was not included? If you wish to relive the arcade era, Tetris is a game to download right away. Just as the original version, you are enclosed in a world with only blocks to build with and puzzles to solve in the traditional solo gameplay mode version. The Tetris app for Android and iOS is developed by N3twork who replaced EA’s version.


Pinball Arcade

You are not a true arcade-kid if you have never played Pinball! Luckily, Pinball Arcade is also available on smartphones and tablets. In this game you are offered the traditional Pinball gameplay – but from the size and comfort of a small screen. Relive the flippers, bumpers and real-life sound

effects that came with the classic version and enjoy hours of entertainment with one of the best mobile games on the market.

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