NeoGeoCollector (Superfan) – Interview

We’ve had a few superfans on our blog and rightly so. People like Roberth (Jag superfan) and Rob (Moonstone Tavern creator) have given us lots of vital info and support. This guy is no different. We’ve been friends on Twitter for a while but it’s great to finally tap into his NEO-GEO knowledge and quiz … Read more

Xeno Crisis – Indie Feature

Xeno Crisis has been tantalising taste buds since the (successful) Kickstarter was launched. As everyone knows, we’re big fans of the Mega Drive (and Atari Jaguar) homebrew scenes and Xeno Crisis looks to be spawning a Dreamcast and a Neo Geo version in addition to a MD/Genesis version. All very exciting, and with the launch … Read more

Yasuyuki Oda (SNK) – Interview

This is big. Keisuke Nishikawa at SNK has helped us with another great interview. It’s been our pleasure to have Jim Bulmer, Nobuyuki Kuroki and Youichiro Soeda on Arcade Attack but we’ve probably saved the most well-known one for last. Adrian (with the help of our friend Anthony) came up with these questions and the legend … Read more

SNK/Neo Geo Big Updates! Xeno Crisis, SNK Heroines, MVS Dev Kit

Many thanks to our friend Anthony Durso ( who runs the official Neo Geo thread on Atariage for flagging these exciting developments! We’re big SNK fans here, so look out for future updates here on Arcade Attack!   Xeno Crisis is coming to Neo Geo! You heard me right! The original Mega Drive (and Steam) game’s … Read more