SNK/Neo Geo Big Updates! Xeno Crisis, SNK Heroines, MVS Dev Kit

Many thanks to our friend Anthony Durso ( who runs the official Neo Geo thread on Atariage for flagging these exciting developments! We’re big SNK fans here, so look out for future updates here on Arcade Attack!


Xeno Crisis is coming to Neo Geo!

You heard me right! The original Mega Drive (and Steam) game’s Kickstarter caused more than a few waves throughout the retrogaming community! But alas, by the time we’d heard about it, had closed. So no nice perks for us. But what did perk us up was their announcement that a Neo Geo homebrew version is forthcoming! But only after they finish the Mega Drive and Dreamcast versions, which should be early next year. Stay tuned to Bitmap Bureau’s official channels, including their twitter for more info, and right here of course!


SNK Heroines unleashed on the world!

SNK Heroines, or should I say “SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy” has finally been unleashed on PS4 and Switch (you lucky people!). For those of you who are unaware, the game follows on from the previous KoF tournament, where some of the female protagonists have been knocked unconscious and have to fight their way out of a mysterious mansion. Even SNK favourite Terry Bogard is a woman in this universe. If that isn’t enough to sell it to you I don’t know what is!

There is even an arcade machine in the works and we cannot wait!

We had the pleasure of interviewing SNK legend Youichiro Soeda about his KoF work and Heroines. Stay tuned for more interviews with key SNK Heroines developers shortly, we cannot say any more at the moment!


Mysterious MVS dev kit unearthed!

Brian Hargrove over at recently discovered a mysterious Neo Geo MVS development cartridge, and his twitter page promptly went mad! Emblazoned with NAZCA Corporation, it’s got tongues wagging and theories cropping up all over the place. Is it the tank-only prototype of Metal Slug? Is it Neo Pool Master? What the hell is it!! Stay tuned to Brian’s feed for more and hopefully we can bring you up to speed in the future! The SRAM chips have apparently died along with the battery but fingers crossed!


So there you have it, our first ever Neo Geo roundup. Please follow us on twitter, or like us on Facebook to stay tuned on future events and interviews.




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