Steve Purcell (Sam & Max creator/Pixar) – Interview

This guy is the real deal! The Sam & Max creator, LucasArts cover artist and Pixar legend Steve Purcell for some reason agreed to answer a lot of questions from little old us and we’re stoked! I guess there’s nothing else to say other than enjoy…   When did you first realise you wanted to … Read more

Stoo Cambridge (Sensible) – Interview

Another fantastic coup for our little site. We’ve been a fan of his since the 90s and it’s been a pleasure to finally get the chance to pick his brain. Introducing Sensible Software stalwart, retrogaming guru and all-round lovely bloke Stoo Cambridge!   Stoo, it’s an honour to feature you on the site! Hey it’s … Read more

Ken Demarest (Origin Systems) – Interview

We’ve not had a great deal for your PC retro gamers lately so it’s time we rectified this and some. Wing Commander, Ultima VII, BioForge, Thief 3, have all had this man’s magic sprinkled on them. He needs little introduction, here is Origin Systems’ Ken Demarest.   Ken, an absolute pleasure to have you here … Read more

Todd Holland (The Wizard) – Interview

Well, this is quite a coup for our little site. On a whim we contacted Todd Holland, director of probably our favourite gaming movie of all time, The Wizard, in the hope that he’d answer many questions we had about the film. And he replied! A whole lot later because he’s an awfully busy man … Read more

Richard Bartle (MUD1/MUD2) – Interview

An extremely modest man and gaming legend, it was a pleasure to send some questions over to one the fathers (along with Roy Trubshaw) of the MMORPG, MUD1 and MUD2 co-creator Richard Bartle! MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon and these games were the first ever gaming virtual worlds. We hope you find Richard’s answers as … Read more