Joe Bostic (C&C Remastered) – Interview

Way back in August 2018 we had the pleasure of interviewing Westwood Studios legend Joe Bostic. Guess what? He’s back! Command & Conquer Remastered was mooted at the time and it’s finally here! Adrian sent a few more questions to Joe for your reading pleasure. He also gives a quick review of the new title. … Read more

David Foster (ReadySoft/Dragon’s Lair) – Interview

About a month ago we paid a tribute (of sorts) to Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. Our ace reporter Adrian managed to track down the David Foster, he of ReadySoft who amazingly ported Dragon’s Lair to Amiga. He’s been involved in many ports of the original, the sequel, Space Ace and Brain Dead 13 and … Read more

Brian Reynolds (MicroProse/Firaxis) – Interview

A while ago we featured a lovely Q&A with gaming legend Rob Fermier and when we tweeted the link it was retweeted by another legend, Brian Reynolds. So, as ballsy as ever, Adrian asked for an interview from him too and here it is! Civilization II, Colonization, Rise of Nations, Alpha Centauri just a few … Read more