Lars Hannig (Atari Jaguar Homebrew) – Interview

Lars Hannig is a writer, game designer and software developer from Germany with a passion for writing retro games. In the Atari community he is known as ›Starcat‹ and started making games for the Atari Jaguar was he was only fourteen. His most active years in the Atari community were from 1999-2006 in which he … Read more

Another World (Jaguar Review)

When I initially got back into my retro gaming and subsequent collecting around 2014 one of the first things I wanted to do was purchase the real key games missing from my current collection. My remit was simple; get hold of all the games that brought me so much pleasure when growing up. One title … Read more

Carl Forhan (Songbird Productions) – Interview

We love the Atari Jaguar and Atari Lynx here at Arcade Attack (understatement of the year! – Ed) so when developers focus primarily on these consoles it excites us. Songbird Productions is one of the best indie companies doing this, completing lost games as well as formulating their own games, they are growing a strong … Read more

Francois Bertrand (Atari/SEGA) – Interview

It’s been a while since we’ve had a treat for you SEGA fans so here’s a bumper interview with Francois Bertrand, a true retrogaming legend having worked on many of the company’s Virtua titles including the seminal Virtua Fighter. There’s also something for you Atari/Atari Jaguar fans in the way of Fight for Life…   … Read more

Aaron Fothergill (Amiga/Atari) – Interview

Retro gaming is full of amazing brothers and the Fothergills are no exception! Having come up with some of our favourite Amiga and Atari games including the incredibly fun AiRburst games, Aaron Fothergill also converted the amazing Zoop to the Atari Jaguar! He kindly stopped by to have a chat with our Adrian about the … Read more