Troy Aikman NFL Football (Jaguar Review)

Adrian is a mammoth NFL fan, so when he lent me this game stating he hadn’t a Scooby Doo what was going on I was rather surprised. He’s always going on about how the “egg chuckers” should be “chucking that egg” and how Blake Bortles is the best he’s ever seen playing the game… Jokes … Read more

Leonard Tramiel (Atari/Commodore) – Interview

Featured image from “8 Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars (2016)“   Commodore and Atari legend Leonard Tramiel kindly gave up some of his free time to answer some questions from our Adrian. He discusses his time working at both companies, developing the Jaguar and Jaguar CD as well as the ST and the canned Panther. … Read more

Mark Hooley (Atari/Imagitec) – Interview

Adrian and Roberth tracked down Imagitec/Atari QA Manager Mark Hooley for another fascinating insight as to how both companies worked and produced classics like Raiden and Bubsy…   How exactly did you get the opportunity to enter the video game industry and what was the first game you ever worked on? I first got into … Read more

Top Ten – Rarest Atari Jaguar Games!

Collecting for the Atari Jaguar is certainly a niche hobby (er, I now have one as well Ade! – Ed). This cult machine is the technological equivalent of Marmite; you either love it or hate it. With only 70 odd games released it certainly isn’t impossible to build a substantial collection – however it is … Read more