Revisiting Retro Games: A Look at Popular Casino Games

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Everyone’s definition of what’s “retro” is different. When some people think about their favorite old school casino games, they may think about iconic fruit-themed Vegas slot machines in the 1960s while others may remember Las Vegas Cool Hand for Game Boy in the late 1990s.

Whether you consider them kitschy or cool, let’s take a look at some of the most popular casino retro games.


Casino Kid



If you grew up with an NES in the late 1980s or early 90s, you might have been the envy of all your friends and a few kids on the block. While Casino Kid may not have been as popular as some of the other NES titles of the time, it was popular enough to see sequels.

In the American version, the game takes place in the city called Lost Wages (which is similar to Vegas). The purpose of the game is to earn money and defeat the evil King of the Casino. Popular games to play included blackjack and poker.

The Japanese version of Casino Kid offered more of the Vegas experience and the graphics, and games were akin to spending time on the Vegas strip. For many kids and teens, Casino Kid was their introduction to playing casino games.


High Stakes Gambling



If you had a Game Boy in the early 1990s, you might have played High Stakes Gambling. The casino video game takes place during the Great Depression, and as a player, you were trying to drain money from the rich Mafia.

Players had the chance to play blackjack, poker, and slot machines and encounter cheating gangsters like Al Cologne (a nod to Al Capone). The graphics were grainy and far from anything that we see today, but players felt pretty cool tricking the Mafia out of millions.


Golden Nugget 64



Golden Nugget 64 was released in 1998 for Nintendo 64, and it was the only casino-style game for Nintendo 64. Similar to online games that we play today, players start with an amount and have a choice of a variety of games. Some of the games on Golden Nugget 64 include Texas Hold ‘Em, Craps, Mini-Baccarat, and a variety of slot machines.

Many players liked the “realistic” graphics, disliked the background music, and used the game to learn some of the most popular casino games that people still play today online.


Hot Slots and Peek-A-Boo Poker



In the early 1990s, Nintendo made a few “adult only” games that showcased scantily clad women and casino games. Hot Slots and Peek-A-Boo Poker were difficult to come by as their sales were limited in large chain stores, and the adult content may have put a negative spin on gambling.

These adult-themed games may seem fairly tame considering technology and graphics we have today, but at the time, they were in high demand.


Today’s Casino Games

Today’s casino games are available online and to play while on-the-go. The graphics are realistic and you’ll never feel the need to step into a brick and mortar casino again. With so many online casino games available it can be difficult to determine what’s safe and high-quality. For a collection of quality and fun casino games, check out Online Casino Bluebook for some of the best games available today.



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