Retro Casino Games People Played Back in the Day

Retro seems to come around every year. Despite the abundance of new titles that come out, some retro titles don’t seem to lose their shine. They certainly don’t look as good as today’s titles. However, they aren’t as buggy as modern games. They attain an audience that spans decades because they’re quality games.

The casino industry has been online since the 90s. Nowadays, there are lots of sites you can enjoy casino classics on. The majority of online casino UK operators and operators all over the world offer a variety of retro games you can play. For example, you’ll run into several blackjack variants, as well as poker and baccarat. Naturally, these are remastered versions of the originals.

Since casino games are popular ones, it’s no surprise that the gaming industry took inspiration from them. Land-based casinos make an appearance in various games. GTA San Andreas and the Yakuza series are some examples. However, if you go back you’ll find some retro casino games. Here are some of those games:


Lynx Casino

This retro title dates back to 1992. The only way you could play this back in the day was on an Atari Lynx platform. Lynx Casino simulates a casino experience for players. You can play a selection of games in this game. These are blackjack, poker, roulette as well as some slot machines.

The best part about this game is that real-life rules and odds apply to this game. In other words, you can significantly boost your skill if you’re a casino fan. On the other hand, you can learn the ropes of one of these casino games. If not then you can visit pixelated versions of Las Vegas, Monaco, and even go for a cruise on the Caribbean.


Vegas Stakes

This is another retro title that lets you see what pixelated Vegas has on offer. You stick to Vegas but you can play at 5 different casinos. It’s a game from 1993 and it’s a Nintendo title. Similarly to Lynx Casino, you can play a bunch of games here.

The game selection is made up of poker, roulette, craps, blackjack, and slot machines. You start out with $1,000 and to beat the game is to win $10 million. That’s why you have 5 casinos available. However, you have to win a certain sum before you move onto the next establishment.


The Casino Kid Franchise

This is one of the most popular casino-based games. The first game is the oldest one on the list as it’s from 1989. You play as a teenager that wants to be the top player in the city of Lost Wages. You’ll play against the top hustlers and talk to waitresses to get some tips.

Poker and blackjack are the games of choice. The second title adds roulette to the mix. Also, in this title, the ambitious Casino Kid wants to be the top player in the World. This means you can visit other places in the game.


What to Expect From Game Developers in the Future?

As mentioned before, retro games have a way of coming back. That’s why classics like Tetris, Pokemon, and Super Mario were remastered. These retro titles went mobile when mobile gaming gained traction. In other words, they remain relevant today.

The 2D aspect of these games serves as an inspiration today. Games like Dead Cells, Shovel Knight, and Cuphead are popular titles. Hollow Knight is another interesting 2D game. In a way, these titles are both new and old. They bring back nostalgia because of the retro mechanics and they pack smooth graphics. They also offer an excellent gaming experience despite being 2D games.

Since they are popular today, there’s no question that they’ll remain popular tomorrow. Gamers can expect some interesting titles in the future.



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  1. Adriano Alonso

    I played a lot of Vegas Stakes, I still have it. It’s great. And I remember those ladies asking me out to go down to the casino with them. The 13 year old me always said “Sure”!

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