Arcade Attack Podcast – September (3 of 4) 2018

Podcast 81 – September(3 of 4) 2018 – Rise of the Robots – Was it really that bad?

Dylan’s having a hard time convincing the guys otherwise! The much derided one-on-one fighting game brings back different memories for Dyl and he’s ploughed the archives to find the article on the A1200 version which brought him so much joy in the Christmas of 1994.

In the first of what we hope will be a regular feature of much beloved “bad” games, listen as he fails miserably to convince everyone that it was a great idea and actually not that bad…

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  1. I think the best robot game is yet to be made .. Rebel Robots Rumble … a star wars 1 on 1 robot fighting game that puts the evil bad boy imperial robots against the Rebel Robots..the real last hope for the genre. I mean R2D2 and C3P0 plus the robot from Rogue One certainly have the personity missing from other robot fighting games to improve on what was clearly previously lacking

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