Arcade Attack Podcast – May (2 of 4) 2019

Podcast 116 – May (2 of 4) 2019 – Another World – Out of This World

Éric Chahi’s masterpiece needs little introduction. Another World (or Out of This World in the US) is considered by many to be the first true cinematic gaming experience not relying solely on FMV. Adrian tells the gang all about the development’s ups and downs as well as some of the key moments of the game itself. Dylan then offers his less-than-complimentary opinion on its sequel Heart of the Alien, whilst Rob finds himself constantly infuriated by alien slug death. There’s something here for everyone!

RGC Another World Feature

Another World – Jaguar Review

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  1. I played the DOS version as a 10 year old .. could only ever do half the game.. which wasn’t entirely my fault since my dad used to pirate all our PC software (so we had no instructions) .. when i accidentally worked out you could make a shield out of your gun was almost like winning the lottery because i just thought i was very bad at the game before that lol But i will say as a ten year old i still managed to work out how to swing on the vine … Rob lol

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